Wild life sighting, North Hood Canal

Discussion in 'Saltwater' started by Jim Kerr, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. Do big ace Orcas count as wild life? 6am in light fog, dead calm fishing tight to the beach and here come six Orcas, moved the boat about 30 yrds and they came right under us in about 25 feet of water. Follwed them for a mile or so, watched them play gently whith a seal, then release it unharmed :(
    Freakin sweet.
    (trout fishing was slow but the fish were nice size)
  2. How cool! The biggest I have seen in the Hood Canal were Dall porpoise ripping through herring schools. That was cool enough, but orcas would be the bomb! What a great morning...
  3. Sweet ! About 12yrs ago I was in Puget Sound and ran across a huge pod like that, they were about ten feet from the boat. Freaks you out at first! we were in a sailboat. they stayed beside us for a good ten minutes.
  4. a few weeks ago my parents saw a pod of several orcas right off potlatch state park reight off the skokomish mouth, on multiple days.
  5. I believe that these are orcas that are carnivores, preferring seal meat to salmon. This may be the same pod that thinned out the seal population of Hood Canal a couple of years ago. Orcas forever!
    Good Fishing,
    Les Johnson
  6. From what I've heard these Orcas have been in the Canal for 3 or four weeks, I hadn't seen them and assumed they had been down south, thats where most of the seals are. The heard that came in a few years ago was much bigger, however this may be a splinter from that heard. Either way these are seal eaters from alaska.
    We got the feeling they were leaving, trucking down tide for the Hood Canal Bridge. Hope they come again next year, we still have plenty of delicious seals.
  7. Several years ago my wife and I took the charter out of Everett and cruised up through the San Juans.
    While some of the passengers shopped in Friday Harbor the boat took the rest of us out to look for orcas.
    Well, we found them big time! The tour guide said there were at least 3 of the major pods showing that day. We saw dozens of them playing off in the distance. As they approached us the event took on a sort of surreal air, it seemed almost dream like. I woke from that dream state when a huge male surfaced just off the side of the boat and dove under it to surface and splash down on the other side. Talk about pulse skipping a beat, what a sight!

    They are truly amazing animals... :thumb:
  8. Glad to see these buggers still in place. They've been in the Canal at least since January 24 and each eat a seal a day--more or less. With six orcas eating six seals a day for nearly five months, that's close to 900 sealburgers served with or without special sauce. That will help some of the depleted salmon runs, although the commercials probably harvest way more than the seals.

    For more info on recent sightings, check out: http://orcanetwork.org/sightings/map.html#recent

  9. Had a pod up in the San Juan Islands go right under the boat less then 10 ft down. Moved the boat a little but really moved my soul. The only draw back was the pod of Pink Salmon I had the boat on top of with the engine shut off and being able to cast to all side of the boat to, moved out of there quickly when the pod came in.
    Growing up around the salt all my life I have seen the Orcas many times but that to this day is as close as I have ever been.
  10. orcas are freakin awesome..ive ran into them multiple times in the san juans and out at neah bay or sekiu.. one time they were in about 10-20 feet of water "rubbing" themselves on the gravel which was along this beach (i watched this on the discovery channel once..they do it to scratch off parasites and such).. they were breaching all around..and sticking their nose on the bottom and doing head stands and waving their tail in the air.. it was quite the sight and went on for a good 30-40 minutes.

    Another whale experience was at Neah Bay... we had driven our boat into the kelp beds to get it stuck so the tides wouldnt move us while we cleaned our fish... as we were cleaning I was fishing off the front of the boat for greenling or whatever else might bite my line when a group of 3-4 gray whales surfaced literally 5 feet from the boat...and let out the blast of air through the blow hole.. what a neat site.. and what a huge creature! i didnt know they went in so close to shore in the kelp beds... this was before the makahs were allowed to hunt these poor animals.... i havent seen them out there since the whale hunting started... my guess is they were hunted..or got smart and got out of there!
  11. I actually saw a couple of Orcas in the lower part of the canal back in May when coming back from the Olympics.
  12. Sunday I was on the ferry to Bremerton from West Seattle about mid-way out and two or three Orcas dove directly under the boat as we moved toward each other. Beautiful creatures. It made for lots of excitement on the observation deck.
  13. I was kayaking with a buddy a few years ago in Olympia when two grey whales showed up very close. Very cool.
  14. Oh wow me and Don saw those whales on the way home from PT on the Fourth. it was totally cool. at the same time across the street to Bald Eagles landed in a tree, one was munching on some lunch. :D

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