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  1. Someone else's post in the main forum made me think of this.

    I'd love to hear from Wild Steelhead Coalition.

    I donated back in the winter, and I haven't heard a single word from those guys. I would have expected emails about the work they are doing, calls to action, even just a simple thank you.

    I emailed them again a month or two ago, letting them know that I was a bit frustrated to have never received anything aside from a few email newsletters.

    Got no response, aside from a form letter that said they would reply to me if my email required a response.

    I didn't donate in order to get a thank you from them--I donated because I've always heard good things and I wanted to support them. And I also hoped to maybe hear regularly about things I can do, action I can take, to help wild fish.

    I suppose I'm wondering if anyone knows more about them, or if anyone can convince me to keep supporting them. Because I want to--but if my experience as a donor is any indication of how they treat (or ignore) all of their donors, then they have a lot of work to do.

    Just thought I'd put this out there because it's really been bothering me for a while.
  2. Jason,
    Let me begin by apologizing for your disappointment and the lack of communication--but after months of being ignored you've now been responded to in under 4 hours--so I hope that makes up for some of the benign neglect. As a bit of background, the Wild Steelhead Coalition, now in it's 13th year, was a 100% volunteer organzation until I was hired this year, And our budget is smaller than Honey Badger's nose (our sister organzation have budgets in the range of 10-80x ours). I won't claim that the past 6 months have been without glitches and unfortunately there are things that have occassionally fallen through the cracks. We think we're now on top of most of that. At our size we need to make sure we focus on fulfilling our mission and the good news is that your donation goes to dealing with the critical issues that are impacting steelhead recovery. We don't have a glossy annual publication and lots of mailings--we use Adipose newsletters, the WSC website, Facebook and Twitter to communicate and supplement that with emails.
    Every members' support means a lot to us. Without you we cannot do the vital work that saving wild steelhead requires. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that this answers your concerns. In the meantime, our website is filled with information that will help you to be a more informed wild steelhead advocate, learn what we've done and what we're doing, and provide the opportunity to respond to calls-to action. I should point out not all calls-to-action will eminate from our website. If one of our sister organizations have set one up we may point members via Facebook and Twitter to that site--we are, after all, a coalition. I hope you take advantage of that and let us know what more you'd like to see.
    I regret if you feel we haven't communicated enough but you can always contact me via the WSC website contact page and I would be happy to respond to your questions.
    Mykiss vobiscum,
    Bob Margulis
    Executive Director
    Wild Steelhead Coalition
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  3. Do you guys have any brother organizations?:)
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  4. because Kerry likes dudes..
  5. Bob,
    Appreciate you reaching out on this forum and the good work WSC has contributed over the years. I want to bring up the very large elephant that you are probably already aware of, which is Occupy Skagit. Rich Simms was definitely not on board with the objectives of OS but it wasn't clear if he was speaking on behalf of WSC or if it was just his perspective. To be clear, I don't expect or ask that WSC take a position on OS but could you clarify if WSC has a position or not?

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  6. Did you every forget to send a thank you to Aunt Mable for the cut little " My Little Pony" she got you got you for Christmas? Have you ever forgotten to return a phone call, because you were slammin mid term exams?

    The community and resource thanks you for your donation. I for one would rather them spend time of focused on their goals.

    my 2c
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  7. I don't think Jason asking to be kept in the loop, and wanting to be involved-yet having no communication or means to connect with anyone is him having a whine. The guy is young and passionate, and wants to be involved/help out.
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  8. First of all--Bob, thanks so much for the thoughtful response. I greatly appreciate it. I want to make it very clear that I was not trying to bad mouth WSC at all. But after several months of receiving almost no communication, and after trying to get in touch, I was simply a little frustrated and starting to wonder if there was something wrong.

    I'm very glad to hear that WSC is doing well. I'll definitely be getting in touch outside of the forum.

    And Constructeur is exactly right--I joined WSC as a way to get involved. On my donation form I listed a few of my skills in the hope that I might be able to contribute some volunteer time with the organization. I was simply bummed that I never heard back on any of those things.

    And honestly--I was kind of wondering if there was something wrong, if WSC had gone under or something. I was a bit worried and so I kind of wanted to see if that was the case.

    But, I'm glad to hear it's not. The fact that Bob found this post and replied so quickly means a lot in my book.

    Cheers folks.
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  9. Jason--
    I never took it as a 'whine'--and I'll be frank and let you know that seeing your post was a case of "better to be lucky than smart." I'm just happy that we had the opportunity to correct the perception, improve our processes, and avoid a situation where someone went around sharing a bad experience that could be corrected if aired. I realize you had tried before and so took your concern to a different venue--and I'm happy it worked out as it did.
    Thanks for your support of wild steelhead recovery and the WSC. You will be hearing from someone soon to figure out how we can put your volunteer interest and skills to good use.
    Best regards,

  10. Chris,
    I was wondering why I kept seeing gray?!?! No, the WSC has not taken an official position on Skagit OS. There are a lot of moving parts right now on the Skagit and the future of fisheries management and the Skagit’s potential status as a Wild Steelhead Management Zone (WSMZ)—as recommended last year by the majority of the Puget Sound Hatchery Action Advisory Group—are areas we are focused on. This year the WSC joined the Skagit Watershed Council so that we could collaborate with all the key stakeholders involved. A recent report, central to the Skagit's future, was the conclusion of a 5+ year study on the Skagit Basin and the WSC will be having a public meeting where people can hear Dave Pflug, Sr. Fisheries Biologist, Seattle City Light describe the study, its findings and recommendations. Keep an eye out for the announcement of the meeting.

    And thanks for your support.
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  11. Thanks Bob, appreciate the clarification.

    Also am looking forward to the biologist presentation - something that I've liked in the past from WSC and would love to see more of in the future.
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