Wild Steelhead for sale: More locations

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by ralfish, Dec 20, 2008.

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    Piggy backing on the success of the Bob Triggs thread: STEELHEAD COMING SOON!!! It was thought that it would be worth starting another thread on the same subject: While out doing the Christmas shopping thing I saw that 'Whole Foods Market' is also selling wild steelhead.

    I was in their West Vancouver (B.C.) store yesterday and confirmed this. So I sent an E mail asking them to reconsider selling wild steelhead. As well, I asked them to supply me with info that the fish they are selling have come from a well managed fishery that doesn't engage in indiscriminate netting, as depressed steelhead stocks are susceptible to interception with this method of harvest. To further my point I mentioned that there is zero Commercial/Sport harvest of wild steelhead in BC.

    Whole Foods is a chain that also has stores in Washington State etc.

    here is a link:

  2. Eric Tarcha

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    this is definitely a bigger fish to fry, no pun intended. Let's look into this...
  3. Jeremy Floyd

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    before we knee jerk react lets get on the same page and tactfully approach these from now on please
  4. ralfish

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    I'm curious if any one can confirm if the chain is selling wild caught steelhead from any other locations other than the one I was at....they were also selling swordfish...
  5. gt

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    we were down in portland, or 3 weeks ago and went shopping at the whole foods. yes, wild steelhead as well as king salmon. manager was not at the market that evening, i asked to speak with that person regarding this issue.

    now when the quilleutte are able to net, and sell, in excess of 700,000 pounds of river net caught fish, would you not assume wild steelhead, wild chinook, wild coho....are among the fishes harvested?????? and this is only one very small example of what is going on without oversight on damn near extinct fishes.
  6. Citori

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    I saw this same thing at Metro Market in Fed. Way, and backtracked it all the way to the source. The ones I found are triploids and they come from the vicinity of Rufus Woods. "Steelhead" is a better marketing tool than "Genetically engineered, sterile, color added pen raised aquatic pigs". I am pretty sure the same is true when you see the "Steelhead - color added" in the meat counter at Albertson's.

    I applaud your awareness, and I never Ever pass a chance to educate someone behind a counter about the incorrectness of buying, selling or supporting the trafficking of truly "wild" steelhead or salmon. Just the windmill of choice I joust.
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    Complaining to your local whole foods or whatever store that happens to be carrying wild steelhead or lets even say tribal fish isn't going to do shit. If you want to do something that will get some results. Get ahold of the catagory manager for whole foods at the corporate headquarters and carbon copy everything you send to the C.E.O . The person behind the counter is some hack that doesnt give a shit.

    There is no way the Quils net 700,000 pounds of fish in a year. That would be like 60 to 70 thousand fish. I know they aren't happy unless they net 7 days a week but those numbers dont add up.
  8. ak_powder_monkey

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    so what are they gonna do with the wild steelhead they catch in the salmon/hatchery steelhead nets? Just throw them away?

    Just kidding... Boycot wholefoods?
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    shawn k, the number i posted came from conversations with folks who live on the west end and apparently have some first hand information on that fishery. it was hammered in earnest earlier this year. now that said, those numbers cannot be verified as apparently the native american fishery is not expected to post their quota catch figures anywhere for folks to examine. so cut the number in half if you wish, still a rape of that eco system.
  10. East Fork

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    None was for sale at the Vancouver, WA store on 12-21.
  11. Jeremy Floyd

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    Thanks for checking on that East Fork
  12. shawn k

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    I know they hammered it. People tend to exagerate a bit is all I am saying. I heard one week the tribe netted 100k pounds of fish and the next week it was like 40 k. let say each fish averages 12 pounds just for argument sake, that is about twelve thousand fish in two weeks time. I talked to one of the netters he told me they got 2000 fish the week they supposedly caught 100 k pound s of fish.
  13. Jefffly

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    2000 fish in a week from one netter im not positive on the number of netters involved but just that one guy caught more fish in a week than all the sport fisherman catch in a season combined on that river system!! And if they stopped all netting for 20 years I wouldnt doubt for a second that they could net 100k in a week easy but since they wont stop its just gonna get worse every year until they arent able to catch a damn thing cause all the runs are extinct.. except hatchery fish but who cares about hatchery fish. I say stop all commercial fishing on the entire west coast who cares if we cant eat fish sticks anymore. and yes I realize a lot of people make a living fishing but they didnt have a problem shutting down logging even though a lot of people made a living doing that also.
  14. shawn k

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    it was two thousand for the whole tribe. He said he netted 100 the week before. The tribes want those pesky wild fish to diassapear then they can put even more hatchery drones that dont bite in the river and they can net them all.
  15. ak_powder_monkey

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    there are 2000 wild steelhead in on river in washington?! Holy crap thats a ton of fish.
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    Monkey, you are an Idiot.
  17. Coach Duff

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    Slow down chainsaws! After all the tribes have a right to killl off the last wild steelhead because of all the atrocities previously committed against them!!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Hell, don't forget to throw in a gray whale or two Duff... :beer2: Good with catsup.
  19. Bob Triggs

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    I dont think that the issue here is about the Tribe's right to fish.

    It is about the early run timing of december and january, and the last of the truely Wild Steelhead that are coincidentally impacted in this winter fishery.

    Most of what is termed as "wild steelhead" in the context of the seafood industry, restaurant and chefs marketing etc, is only to distinguish these fish from "farm raised" fish. It is entirely likely that many or most of the fish sold under this situation are hatchery reared fish.

    http://www.montereyfish.com/seafood/steelhead.htm (note dates of text)

    Monterey Fish Market
    San Francisco Pier 33

    MFM Seafood Inc.
    Paul Johnson
    1649 Hopkins
    Berkeley, Ca 94707
  20. ralfish

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    Absolutely correct. Live release methods such as fish wheels would eliminate any sort of issue...and coincidental by catch of last of the truly Wild Steelhead from this fishery

    For what its worth, I still haven't heard back from 'Whole Foods' being the Holiday season and all. So I will wait a bit longer before resuming contact efforts...