Wild Steelhead on ice at Pike Place Market

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by markdmc, Jan 3, 2009.

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    This show that a river with an intact ecosystem can support a small commerical fishery for 40 years, I mean the Hoh River has aurguably the best run of wild fish in the state right? even with the wild fish being taken, it also has one of the most in tact ecosystems... Just saying

    Now back to your scheduled lynching...

    P.S. I still think in river commercial fishing is stupid stupid stupid
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    The most numerous wild steelhead run in WA is in the Quileyute River system (Sol Duc, Bogachiel, Calawah), just north of the Hoh. The Hoh run is generally also exceeded in numbers by the Queets and Quinault Rivers, as well as the Skagit in Puget Sound. Your allegation is correct; these rivers can sustain small in river commercial fisheries whether we like it or not.

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    Our WDFW has consistently rolled over for the tribal Hoh River fishery. They have even accommodated it by consistently rolling back the escapement numbers.

    And yes, I did make quite a spectacle of myself on the wild tribal steelhead issue in Pike Place the last time I was there. It obviously did no good, but it did make me feel better. I got quite a crowd gathered up and then turned around and dared anyone to step up to buy wild steelhead. It was quite invigorating, I recommend it.
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    My Wife always knows to stear me away from those stands when they have Wild Steel for sale. I always wind up getting pissed and yelling something about how special a wild steelhead is. I guess if non fishing fish eater knew more they might buy somthing different. I think a movement for Wild Bluegill should sweep the nation of foodies! That would be a truly sustainable fishery.

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    You say this, but to what qualification?

    When Doug Soehl of Trout Unlimited examined that statement, back when the Quillayute Tribe said the same thing, when they were argueing against a harvest moratorium on wild steelhead; the distribution of spawners through the available spawning areas was meager at something like "six pair per mile."

    These are not healthy runs of sustainably harvestable fish. "Commercial" nor otherwise.
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    The Quileyute system fish are disproportionately distributed to be sure. Parts of the Bogie and Calawah appear consistently under-escaped for the size of the available area. Nonetheless, the spawning escapement estimates remain highest in the Quileyute system. Comparing the quality of the estimates in the respective OP river systems would be an exercise in even greater futility. My scientific wild ass guess is that the same error parameters are operating equally well with all the estimates.

    As to the sustainability issue, it's really impossible to know. However, the runs have sustained tribal fishing for longer than we know. Whether they will continue to do so requires knowledge of the future that we don't have.


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