Wild Steelhead on the menu on the banks of the Deschutes River

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Ryan Buccola, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Fellas...time to start writing letters and calling. Saturday night i went to Zydeco in downtown Bend. Great place...until I saw wild columbia river steelhead on the menu. I explained to the very nice server that it was like serving Bald Eagle. She couldn't believe that an establishment that prides themselves in being green and cool and instep with conservation issues would be serving an endangered species. Here is the link.


    I am not sure who is the supplier, but that would be the next place to act.

    Please support wild fish.

  2. Columbia River "steelhead" is almost always the pen raised fish from the Colville tribe. Should check with their manager to make sure, because Columbia River steelhead is ESA listed, and could get someone in a LOT of trouble for selling it.
  3. Evan-will check. Menu titled "Wild Columbia River Steelhead" big as shit.
  4. Yep, menu definitely says "wild." Either it's the pen-raised triploids (and a big no-no to claim it is "wild"), or it is "wild," and a big no-no all around. Ryan, let us know what you find out so we can follow up with the restaurant.
  5. As an old advertising guy, I would make that claim for anything not pen-raised. So ask questions of the the proprietor before teeing off on him.

  6. A screenshot of the menu
  7. a few possibilities:

    1. It is frozen wild caught (wild or hatchery) steelhead from last summer's tribal commercial fishery

    2. It is farmed steelhead from the colville's or elsewhere

    3. It is wild steelhead from elsewhere
  8. this is why I eat at Mcdonalds ,It's cheap and there are no enviormental issues on thier menu
  9. Haha. Nothing beats a McMuffin on the way to the river. Seriously though, there are plenty of environmental problems with feedlots.
  10. Don't worry......I never eat at feed lots.........:)
  11. McDonald's isn't real food, and what they do offer are full of environmental issues.
  12. any get the latest on this..i.e. where the fish are coming from, etc.?
  13. This puts me in mind of my favorite seafood restaurant. They had, for a long time, a menu item called "Atlantic King Salmon". UHHHHHHHH, what's that? I always eat the Fried Oysters anyway but I was really thrown for a loop when I saw that. It's since been replaced with a Sockeye fillet.
  14. I saw steelhead fillets in Hagens yesterday. The guy said it was farmed. Looked like the real thing to me. Don't a lot of those Colville triploids have messed up tails?

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