Will these catch anything?

Discussion in 'Patterns' started by Mike Ediger, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Here are some flies that I tied for Pinks in Kodiak and every single one of them caught fish. However, I came back with several hundred left over. I tried to sell them on the classifieds for about .50/fly with no takers. So I got to thinking... would they catch anything else? I am asking maybe for marketing purposes in the future :eek: or maybe just so that I could get some use out of them. They are all tied on either stainless steel or salmon hooks so they are sea worthy. Most are tied in a variety of colors.
    I just have a few bucks tied up in these flies and am not sure what to do with them. I also live on the dry side so I don't fish the beaches or salt. I have never fished with streamers or for sea-run fish so I am a little ignorant.
    The flesh flies seem to be a lot like the regular bunny leaches. Will any of these catch trout on east side rivers or lakes?
    Thanks for your thoughts.
  2. looks good to me!! :), they will catch something :)

    don't feel bad just because there were no takers on your offer...most guys just like to catch/hook fish on flies they tied themsleves.
  3. They appear too bright and flashy for eastside fish. Salmon flies, yes. Eastside trout flies, probably not.

    Of course, you could prove me WRONG!

  4. I don't feel bad they didn't sell. I realize I tied them so that I could catch fish on flies that I tied as well. I didn't tie them to sell, I just didn't plan on having 150 flies left over and now I am wondering what to do with them. Not many guys go to Kodiak and even fewer target pinks; so I know the people interested would be a very small market. So I wondered if they would work for anything else in our neck of the woods, sea-run cutts, silvers, pinks on the west side.... just curious.
    Thanks for your thoughts.
  5. So are you cursing my name for having you tie so many? Sorry, that's just what I went by when people came to visit me-always have twice as many flies as you think you'll possibly need. And I never ran out while anyone was visiting.

    Those bunny flies, and the Clousers will catch bass for sure. The others are worth a shot.

  6. Jeff I will never curse your name. You are a big part of the reason our trip was such a success. I caught fish on every fly that I tied, even on the surface (which I didn't do a ton of). I also had a blast tying and preparing for the trip so I don't feel bad at all. Interestingly enough we could have done the entire trip with two flies, the Pink Revolution and a Joe's Smolt, neither of which are pictured becuase we used them all. Didn't loose many, but we caught so many fish they eventually got destroyed. My dad only used the Joe's Smolt the entire week.
  7. The clousers and shrimp look much like my salt water box.
    The flesh fly would work after the salmon spawn on west coast rivers
    The purple fly would work for steelhead just fine
    The flash flies would be good to try on stagging salmon.
  8. Those small clousers would probably work pretty good on resident silvers and cutthroat. And Chums would love pretty much any fly there, although they would probably like the baitfish pattern the least.
  9. Thanks guys. Not sure that I will ever get over there to use them but I thought they might be good for something other than pinks in Kodiak.
  10. those will work very well in puget sound this summer for pinks...save them it will be a blast!!! nice flies.
  11. Mike,

    Take the pointers quoted above and line them up with the appropriate fly. If you're going to sell those flies of yours, you need to do a little "connect the dots" for your prospective buyer. Promise post-purchase fishing techniques, as well (What kind of water to use this kind of fly in and how to best present it with what kind of rig, for what kind of fish, etc...). Most people who don't tie their own want all the help they can get. If you can provide the "Full Monty," they will throw money at you. And, of course your flies catch fish. They did for you, right? You have nothing to worry about.

    Gather your info and package it with your flies. There are a lot of flies out there--of which I have no idea how to properly fish. Of the ones I know very well, tie, and know how to best fish; these I do sell along with the knowledge of how to best use them. If you're just selling flies with nothing else to help the buyer, then a person might as well go shopping online for flies at Cabelas. That difference is what you are capitalizing on. Now try it once more, though in the classifieds section. Good luck!

  12. Thanks Dave. I did offer them through the classified section once and they didn't sell which is why I began wondering what to do with them. I just said they were left over from Kodiak and didn't connect anything to the NW. I am not trying to start a new career, or do this on a regular basis, I just want to get rid of some extra flies and maybe recoup a couple bucks. So thanks for the advice. I will wait for a little while and offer them again as summer approaches and do a little more marketing as you suggested.
    Tom, I would save them and use them in the sound this summer, I just don't seem to get over to your side of the hill very often.
    Thanks for taking the time to offer your thoughts. I appreciate it.
  13. try advertising them on www.flybc.ca As we have a pink run coming up this year.

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