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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by P-FITZ98, May 16, 2008.

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    Got my reservations at Klinks to fish the trout derby on Sunday.Its gonna be really warm, so I hope we do allright and hope my 7 year old son can show some of the bait guys the damage flies and no bait can do!I think he'll have to use one of my 8wts with some really fast sinking line, as the forcast is to be in the 90s.Should be a hoot, and Ill post the outcome.:thumb:
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    Good luck!:thumb::thumb::thumb:
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    Good luck. Let us know how you did.
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    Well, we started at 6am, was about 80 already.Gave my boy an 8wt with type 7 sink line and a pink carey, and he proceeded to c&r about 20 kippered snack sized trout.I was using the same with a heavy #4, tons of strikes, but I think the hook was too big.At about 11 am, the switch went off and it was dead, felt like it was 100,so we packed up.Boat bat. was dead, so we had no sonar which was a big handicap, but in all had fun.I hope whoever won found some bigger fish.We didnt kill any, but released 30-40 dinks.Lots of people, but seemed like everyone I saw getting fish were the little 8-10s that we hooked.
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    Sounds fun and you got the kids out! That's what matters...good work!