Wind and chironomids???

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by jcalderon, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. jcalderon Member

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    Just wondering what type of wind you all prefer while chironomid fishing. I know some prefer the chop, and others glass. How much wind is too much???
  2. Jeff Dodd Active Member

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    Good question and I'll be check this thread to see what the experienced say. Tomorrow I llikely find out how chop is is too much! it's blowing on Lone tonight.

    Nice to have a breeze to keep a tight line to the indicator but too much chop and I miss the subtle takes. I've got lots to learn.
  3. Sourdoughs -Marc Chapman, icthyoantagonist

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    In my experience, it really depends on what the fish are looking for and how they're taking.

    I've had days where the fish want the 'mid dead still and when a breeze would come up making some chop or movement I wouldn't get any takes. Then I've had days of just the opposite, where I had to slowly move the 'mid before a fish would strike. Along with this, there are days where the takes are so very subtle that if there's too much water movement on top I'd end up missing a lot of them.

    Generally, though, if the fish aren't super picky I find that a bit of topwater disturbance gives the fish a bit more comfort and they're more willing to feed. I also find that a slight breeze moving the chironomid through an arc gives me a warm-fuzzy that I'm covering more water (not sure whether that's any benefit at all, but it makes me feel better).
  4. Sageman Member

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    I like fishing on glass better, but I find a slight chop to the water generally gives the fly a tiny bit of action and better results.
  5. Irafly Active Member

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    How long is a peice of rope? I've anchored up (with the help of really big rocks and straps) in white cap water fished an indicator and caught fish on mids. I've fished the traditional chop in all depths at the best time of year with the right fly and nothing. Ultimately I will take no wind over anything else. This allows me to fish any water around me and then I can work or not work the fly the way I want to .

  6. JMitchell Active Member

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    A 5mph wind with a constant chop would be ideal for me when fishing static with chironmids. I think the fish can't refuse that up and down motion a little chop gives the indicator. I have had some great days at Lenore with a 5-10mph wind. Wave comes up, indicator comes up, wave goes down...were the hell is my indicator? About 2 feet underwater by the time I set the hook!!

    If I'm fishing buggers/scuds with an intermediate line, I've done well on both flat and choppy water. I think a little wind can stir the bottom/bugs up and even get terrestrials/damsels in off the tullies. According to Mr. Denny Rickards, a little surface chop counts as cover and the fish are less easily spooked or put off. If I had to pick, I would take a little chop over dead calm.

    I think the only time I would want it dead calm is possibly a callibaetis hatch or spinner fall, other than that a little chop is nice.

  7. Birdsnest Member

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    I hate fishing in wind, and prefer glassy conditions, but I think a little breeze has been best for me.
  8. skyrise Active Member

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    had some of my best fishing in rough windy conditions.
    the hard part is walking back to the truck with your tube.
    acts just like a sail.
    oh, try throwing a dragon nymph on windy days.