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  1. Fished all day yesterday in a steady 10 to 20 mile an hour wind with a buddy. 1 fish between us, not a good day. It was my first time in my fat cat with this much wind....Laz was in a donut and could hold much easier. Sitting up out of the water has it's disadvantages. Next time I promise to bring an anchor. On the bright side, it was a good workout for my aging legs.
  2. no wind today in Moses Lake.
  3. You know, the stillwater fly anglers in England use the wind. The let the wind blow them across the lake while using subsurface patterns. Of course most of them use boats (for the longest time, they regarded personal floating craft as dangerous) so they'd need to row or motor back across the lake to let the wind blow them back again. I think they called it "wind drifting".

    Evidently, it is very effective.

    One of my friends tried it at East Lake. Him and a buddy would row out to the middle of the lake and let the wind blow them back to shore. They'd "troll" at the speed the wind was blowing them. He said it worked great for hooking trout during windy conditions.
  4. We have wind now. I would not want to be out in it.
  5. FlyRodney and I went to Lenice today. Very windy, whitecaps. Did not fish. Decided to explore. Went to seep lakes, never been there, got map from MarDon. Found a lake and launched because there was very little wind. Ten minutes later the wind blew. It followed us from Lenice. There are no fish in that lake anyway. On a positive note saw no ticks or snakes. They are not stupid enough to be out in the wind. We went home. I am now doing stuff around the house, wishing I was fishing.
    The end.

  6. Wind !! It don't stop me !! Unless there are 60mph gusts !!!

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  7. my buddy and were at Lenice on Sunday and ran into Wayne and his friend in the parking lot. While he went to the seep lakes, we went to Rocky Ford. Gorgeous day with light winds until about 3:00 - then the wind and rain hit us. Too bad we did not connect on fish. We both had fish on, but nothing to the net.
    Man, I must have dodged 100 mexican wind socks (tumbleweeds) between Ephrata and I-90 on the way home!
    I got some fishing time in though.
  8. We fished the Winthrop area on the weekend and guess what? The Wind Bitch followed us there for all three days. Very strong winds on Sat at B. Twin. It sucked.
  9. Guys, it doesn't have to be this way. Pay attention to the Weather Channel forecast for the area you are going to. A week ago it blew all weekend but the weather report for the Basin was for little wind starting Monday. I left early Mon morning and drove 175 miles to a reservation lake where I enjoyed a day of catching brookies under clear skies and windless condition. Same thing the following 2 days at Coffeepot.

    The long range report called for three days of high winds this past weekend and today and they hit it right on the button. Today we are having frightening winds here at the Rockin'K with some damage done to the outbuildings. Get that weather stuff on your computer and save yourselves a long drive which ends huddled in a truck somewhere looking at whitecaps. Had you seen the wind map of the western states on Friday you would have noticed that high winds were going to prevail from the Cascades all the way past Wyoming and out onto the prairie. In other words-a good weekend to tie flies or catch up on honey-do's both of which I did.

    I'll lick my wounds today and Tuesday but Wed and beyond look real good with temps ramping up and the wind petering out. I'll be walking in to a lake with my Fat Cat on Wed morning and expect a bluebird day with little or no wind. Hope I'm not disappointed.

  10. Ya, this week looks like a 4 day trip to the OKEE;)
  11. Sure, rub it in.... Some of us still work for a living and can only fish on days off. My last 6 days off (the past 3 weekends) have all been major wind days. Drove up to the Seeps to check it out yesterday as the wind was better in the morning here, but the winds were howling there. Saw some cool birds though anyway. No attempt to launch by me though.

  12. The wind Bitch was out in full force today, and she was angry!
  13. I agree that except for the most extreme conditions there is usually always a lee shore with a wind shadow. That is where the bugs will continue to hatch if they are hatching anywhere. The fish are well aware of this and will be there too.

  14. So I go fishing, yesterday, with my "working" friend.

    He bitches about the wind. Hey, the ONLY reason I am out here is because of you!!!

    I think I need "retired" friends.
  15. Here's a primer from Cliff Mass about why the wind blows so hard in spring in the Kittitas Valley and similar topographies in E. WA:

    Beyond that, lots of good advice here. My usual tactic is to take out a 6wt with a full intermediate or sinking line and fish subsurface all day. You can fish junk like that in 40 mph wind. It's not pretty, but it works.
  16. You know Bob, if you had a 9 wt rod you wouldn't whine so much about the wind. 9 wts cut right thru the wind and give 60-80 feet casts. Backing isn't needed as not too many basin trout can overpower the strength of a 9 wt.
  17. Vladimir, wish we were closer. I never fish on weekends then get accused of 'rubbing it in' when I cherry pick the mid week days to go out. I started being gainfully employed in 1954 and retired on Aug 1 2000. I feel like I paid my dues, retired early and have been my own boss for 13 years now. Best job I have ever had.

    I have tried for 13 years to find a fly fishing buddy over here but it just doesn't happen. Lots of right wing wackos, religious nut cases, worm dunkers and power bait purveyors but so far not a single rational sane fly fisherman that doesn't wear his politics or his belief in an imaginary invisible guy that lives in the sky on his sleeve. As a result it is usually a relief to fish alone in a bull shit free zone. Once or twice a year I get to fish with a group of guys that are largely rational and great companions but it is too seldom and some of those guys are still working as well.

    Enjoy your time fishing alone but if you ever get a couple hundred miles east of where you live let me know. We'll share some productive water.

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  18. Has been too d@mned windy for fly flinging her on the coast for the last two days. Still howling. Was hoping to hit a local lake, but the wind forecast showed 15 mph up there, too.
    Now, according to the forecast, tomorrow morning is looking better for surfing than lake fishing out here, with NE winds in the morning and a dropping swell. If I manage my time right, I might be able to swing with surfing in the mornings, and lake fishing in the late afternoon/evenings.

  19. 70 mph winds for me. I don't quit if its lower. On a trip to Chopaka in the late 70's we had a boat blown down the shore and also had to chain down both sides of a tent trailer. It was windy and cold just like this last weekend.
  20. Bill
    Ill try the 9wt next tme for the chuck and duck fishing in gale force winds.or over head casting my 7wt spey rod:)

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