Wind River Mountains...theirs gold in them hills

Discussion in 'Trip Reports with Pics' started by manOfaith, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Richard Torres Active Member

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    Excellent post..

    Those were the largest golden trout i've ever seen!

    The males in thier spawning(?) colors were amazing...

    Also brookies, cutbows and bows?

    And I bet the stars at night were unbelieveable.

    As Ed posted earlier, worthy to make it the trip report of the year..:thumb:

    All in Old man Jim's back yard..... Truly amazing..
  2. GABoy Member

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    Beautiful cutties!!!!

    Just added another place to the bucket list!!!!

    Appreciate it!!!
  3. mark.eberstein New Member

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    were those streams tribs of the lakes you were fishing? tribs that connected the lakes? pics sure were sweet, man
  4. Bruce Baker Active Member

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    Thanks for sharing Wayne and I echo most of the others' comments. What an awsome trip and great photos to boot!
  5. Upton O Blind hog fisherman

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  6. Mike Ediger Active Member

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    Not sure how I missed this...but I am sure glad I poked my head in this forum. Unbelievable! Thanks for sharing! What a trip. I am very envious.
  7. manOfaith New Member

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    Thanks guys. My thoughts are the fish just finished spawning. I didn't notice any eggs in the females falling out or milk in the males.

    One of the lakes I was fishing had a small creek that connected to another lake nearby. It had some trout in it that I fished and have a few pictures of. But most of the lakes (golden lakes) did not have feeder streams of any size.

    I finished 1 short vid of my 19.5" golden last night. I am going to see about uploading it tonight. I will be sure and post it here. Should be entertaining lol.
  8. manOfaith New Member

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    Ok, I just edited the first post and added a few quick video's we were able to take of a few of the fish. Thought you guys might like them.
  9. Greg Armstrong Active Member

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    It's gonna be tough to top that trip! You've set the bar high for yourself. Cherish the memories - I backpacked/fished the Winds in the summer of 1972 and I think I'm still trying to out-do that experience! Wish I had such great photos to help remember that summer. Very nice!
  10. Wyobio New Member

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    I live right near where you went hiking and can see those mountains from my house!! I am glad to see such beautiful fish coming out of those lakes (I can recognise the backdrop). A few years back they were almost devoid of fish, and were re-stocked with goldens--and they look like they are doing fantastic!

    The Wind's are amazing. My wife and I did a 7 day trip this summer and and caught;cutthroat, brook, rainbow, brown and lake trout--all from one single drainage!!
  11. Richard Olmstead BigDog

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    Great report and photos. They really took me back; those were my summer haunts in the 1970's; I've been to all the summits, but wasn't into fishing then. I did, however, see many large goldens caught in those lakes and streams back then.

    Since then, I've been back a few times to fish. In 1995, I fished your unnamed lake and the ones in the valley below and we didn't catch a golden over about 9". I was surprised and disappointed. Maybe Wyobio's comment about being devoid of fish explains it. In Finis Mitchell's book, he referred to golden trout in that area averaging 18"! Mitchell was personally responsible for stocking many of the lakes in the Winds. That statement seems like an exaggeration, but I recall walking past a camp of fishermen one day in late summer (maybe about 1975) and seeing a row of about a dozen golden trout that size chilling in a snow bank next to their camp. I marveled at the size and beauty of those fish (I had never seen a golden trout before). A couple days later I was walking passed their campsite again and noticed that they had moved on. Sadly, the fish still lay there in the melting snow, a little past their due date.

    More recently (2006), I crossed the divide near there to reach some REALLY remote golden trout water. Again, the fish weren't as big as you found, but the experience was undescribable. We didn't encounter another soul for 4 days.

    I hope I can get back in there again, but every year the trail gets longer and the passes higher. Keep posting the reports; they keep my hopes alive!

  12. manOfaith New Member

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    I was wondering how long it would take until people recognized some of the peaks/area. Its been really fun to read the reports from others on here who have been there and their experiences from the Winds. I have done a few fishing trips here in MI, really makes you realize how special certain places are.
  13. Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

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    Wayne, I think you're gonna need a bigger net, dude!!
  14. manOfaith New Member

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    No kidding hugh, I like that problem.
  15. freestoneangler Not to be confused with Freestone

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    I've bookmarked this one to refer back to sometime about mid January when I'm just about ready to go mad... this will either hold me over or send me over the deep end!
    Obviously there is truth in the old saying, "walk at least one mile past the parking lot before staring to fish"!
    Thanks for sharing.