Winged bobbers for indicators

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Jul 4, 2013.

  1. I was just reading an old thread where a crossover fisherman was inquiring about colors for winged bobbers.

    I was struck with the thought of using a winged bobber as a slip bobber for chronie fishing and wondered how fast the bigger fish would get the bobber spinning in the water.

    I should have tagged this as "minor fishing related".

    My wife wouldn't tell me what the extra stuff was in my orange juice this morning. I think she said it was the lesser known mimosa orange.
  2. You should watch what meds you take with Orange juice. They could really set you off.

    If I could get my wife to even get me a glass of OJ it would be a minor miracle. You must be blessed.
  3. I'm very appreciative OMJ has validated my thread.
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  4. My winged bobber flew away.
  5. Lemme see... a post started by zen leecher, responses by OMJ and Olive Bugger.... the only thing needed is a post from GAT and we have hit the big times.
  6. Aha!
    The old "Warden's" Spin N' Glow trick!
    Brings back fond memories of steelheadin' in the 60's.

    And Jim, your wife pourin' the Metamucil in the O.J. for you again?
  7. Is your name really Charlie ??????????
  8. Us's old farts ought to be out fishing. But I figured out that it's the 4th today and everybody else will be out in the woods shooting off fire works. Even though they are banned in the woods, some people don't give a rats ass about it. Plus my area is over run with them damn Rainbow people.

    I'll sure be glad when it gets back to normal.
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  9. Yep.
    Is your name really Old Man?

    I agree with the idea of being out in the woods over the holiday. My black lab is pathetic with all the firecrackers going off, so I stay home to help calm him. I am thinking of sneaking off sometime next week to wet a line. Not sure how the fish will take to it, but it will be good to get into the woods and away from the crowds.
  10. No, but I was thinking of changing it to that. I'm just another Jim.
  11. HAHAHAHA Now you will be known as Just Another Jim.
  12. I hit my BIG TIME once. Hurt like hell for about a week.

    GAT must be fishing. Silly man.
  13. Jim, just call yourself "Old Jim" and then your initials would be O.J. and then you can hollar out, "Hey woman! Howz 'bout some OJ for O.J!":p
  14. I hope one day I can get to your status. I just don't have enough clever things to say. I'm on here all the time but alas I have not hit the 50 mark yet. My wife is annoyed because now I almost spend as much time on my phone as she does on hers! :)
  15. BTW I love you guys........ Alot
  16. jjaims, we will bow down to you when you "arrive". I do think quality fishing information/discussion beats out wing nut bobber guys.

    On a different note, your second post on this thread was smart. That's how we jack up our post counts.
  17. Thank you
  18. Very much
  19. Indeed!!!!
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  20. I bow down to you as you have figured out the key.

    On a slightly different note I used to fish cheap Korean cork poppers for bass. The poppers were slightly off center on the hook and would twist up the leader while false casting. The leader would try to work the twists out on the water and made the popper flop around. The bass couldn't resist this. Now I wonder if a wing bobber for an indicator would twist the leader as the wings should spin during false casting. I wonder if this would add additional movement to the chronie and attract more fish.

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