Winged bobbers for indicators

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by zen leecher aka bill w, Jul 4, 2013.


    Who says you are not clever.
  2. And you parade this tidbit of wisdom before a guy that checks out his wife's clothes dryer for the color of lint in the screen, searching for just the right color of lint for dubbing? Sanity is not my strong suit, sir.
  3. Lots of bromance shit going on in this thread.

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  4. Come on over here Luke.... group hug!
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  5. Luke,
    Today is Independence Day. We're celebrating our freedom which includes writing weird stuff on the interwebs and generally having a good time on the 4th of July! :)

    BTW; Thanks for expanding my vocabulary. I've never come across that word before and had to google it!
  6. What in the hell are you all drinking.
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  7. I forgot about those...
    Anyone remember the one they made called the "Apple Knocker"?
  8. We talking about French Ticklers here
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  9. This makes me feel like I just opened the wrong door in a motel 8 and saw three old dudes hugging and giggling. Can't unsee.
  10. Using a winged bobber to twirl the chironomid would imitate a chironomid with whirling disease. The fish would keep their distance.

  11. Unless the fish was already afflicted with whirling disease - then they would feel compelled to get together and commiserate (maybe even do a "group hug" kind of deal with the chironomid imitator), that's when you know they've been fooled and you hook 'em.

    This stuff gets real deep...
  12. If it were a rainbow you might say it was a bowmance kind of deal.


  13. OMJ,
    I don't think this has anything to do with liquids but rather, it's the noxious affects of acrid firecracker and cherry bomb exhaust and soot that's going to our heads and causing our malady. The ongoing blasts in our ears isn't helping much either...
    Hang in there - we'll all be going fishing again soon enough as deserved relief of this seasonal hangover!
    Happy 4th!

  14. Is this a question or a statement...
  15. Sounds pretty scientific... Anxiously waiting for your test results.
    Winged bobbers, too old for ticklers!:)
  16. My wife "flew away" many years ago & I've been deliriously happy ever since, even if I do have to get my own orange juice. I used a Goddard Caddis as an indicator one time to good effect cuz it caught fish too. My bird dog also went nuts yesterday, but he was looking for something to retrieve after every boom. Now I'm just waiting for Gene's post . . .
  17. I was going to go out today, but my Gout showed it's ugly head and now I can barely walk. It feels good just sitting in one place and no movement is involved. But a few more days and I should be good to go.
  18. Hang tough, Jim.

    Sorry you are ailing.

    I am going to the big box candy store in Marysville today, with my
    S-I-L. Never been there yet. Hope I can get through all of the bomb
    craters that were left in the neighborhood last night. From the sound
    of it, must have been some pretty big ones.

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