WTT winston biiix 9'6 7wt for similar 4 wt

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by mx610ktm, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. mx610ktm

    mx610ktm Member

    I have a 7 wt I never use. I would like to trade for a 4 wt or possibly 3 wt winston. The rod has a konic reel with a couple of spools.the reel Definately isn't as high quality as the rod but it works well as a combo. Would like a reel on the4wt. Let me know if your interested. Would also consider selling. 500
  2. garlech

    garlech New Member

    How about a Loomis GLX HLS. 9ft long, 4-piece, 4wt, brand new and never fished (label still on handle).

    Also a Lamson Litespeed 1.5 (gen1) reel in blue smoke colour, loaded with a DT4 line.

    I can send you pics if interested.
  3. tedshuck

    tedshuck Member

    How about a new-in-tube Winston Biix 10ft 4wt, with warrantee card?

  4. Jeff Dodd

    Jeff Dodd Active Member

    I'm not sure if you are looking for a Winston rod only?

    I have a used Sage XP 4piece 4wt and Ross rhythm I would trade.
  5. tabornatives

    tabornatives Member

    How about a near mint Winston 8'6" BIIx 4wt?

  6. mx610ktm

    mx610ktm Member

    would prefer keeping it in the northwest and a face to face trade. have a meeting in the works. thanks for all who have responded, a lot of great rods