Winston BIIX 9' 6"

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  1. Does anyone here have one of these rods?

    Edit: I forgot to put the rod wt in the title.

    I'm looking specifically for owners of a 6 wt in that rod. Need line advice.

  2. Dave, you might PM Mark Mercer on here. He's a Winston rod freak.
  3. Thanks Larry!
  4. Yes I have one. Let me know what you would like to know.
  5. Well, I was going to PM you, but there might be others on here that would like to know as well.

    Here's the deal:

    I want to get a new floating line for it. I have found (probably like anyone), that each rod/caster/etc, seems to like different lines for different reasons. However that being said, some lines (in general) seem to work better with certain rods.

    I have a SA 6 wt steelhead taper with it now, which is great for longer casts. I want something for short to medium casts. When I'm in my pontoon boat, I don't need to be making a 70' cast. Sure the steelhead taper works, it just seems to take more work/not as effortless as I'd like.

    Again, I realize that everyone is different. It's almost like asking someone "What's your favorite ice cream?" I just wanted some tips on tapers that work well with this particular rod. Maybe just a simple WF...?

    The reason I ask this question (as you know LD), is that Winston prides itself on a 6 wt being a 6wt, a 4 wt is a 4 wt, etc. However with the more unique tapers, I wonder if guys have found a "secret" (for a lack of better words), when it comes to the BIIX 9'6".

    For example: I've heard from a few guys, that the BIIX 7 wt switch rod, throws like a mini spey, when it has the J.W. Ambush 8 wt line on it.

    Sorry that was a long way to get there, but maybe someone else can glean from this info as well. Either that, or just confirm to them that I really am just full of crap. :eek:

  6. AirFlo Super Dri river and stream taper or Sixth Sense in 5/6 - both are delta heads, so the 30' weight is a 5, the 46' (whole head) is a 6. Very easy casting with a long forward taper, and great lines for close to far.

    I throw one line under (5/6 on 696, 7/8 on 890, etc) on the BIIx and find that with most of the modern X.5wt lines this is the way to go. The BIIx IS a fast rod, but it IS a "softer" fast rod - it will throw a whole flyline with ease, it just doesn't like being forced into it.
  7. I have the 5 weight, 4 pc and use Cortland Western Drifter 5WFF...loads nicely. I would guess the 6 weight will be likewise.
  8. I have a 9' 6" BXII in a 8 wt, that I have a regular 8WF Floating line, cast just fine. I think if you get any floating weight forward line you'll do fine.
  9. I have a 4 wt and an 8 wt in a BIIX as well, but never considered them to be "faster" rods. I have heard that from others before, but I alwayss considered more of a medium action.

    So you're say'n a guy could/should under line it, and it will load better for short to medium distances?
  10. I have an 8' 4 weight.. (I love this rod)...I found the Rio Tactical Trout (or current name) rolls right out
  11. It is a soft or medium rod, compared to some of the broomsticks Sage and Scott made in the late 90's / early 00's. Like all rods, it can be underlined or over lined - it is the personal choice of the operator. I get the best performance out of the BIIx lineup with relatively lighter lines, smooth hauls of long duration, and a longer arc during the casting stroke. For shorter casts, I go with a very abrupt stroke and cast almost entirely off the tip with very little rotation to the stroke.

    I would get ahold of a few different lines / weights, string that bad Larry up, and see what makes it sing - you might be mildly surprised by just how light (or heavy) a fella can go with those rods.
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  12. I get what you're saying now. I just went back and re-read your post, I missed the "softer" part. I completely agree on the "softer" fast rod description. By the way, for those of you that haven't cast a BIIX <- I realize that statement might not make sense. It's like my buddy trying to describe his Scott rod to me, and it didn't make sense until he let me cast it...

    Anyway, I was just entertaining that very thing about 2 hrs ago... I just need to get as many lines as I can on that thing. Problem is (for me anyway), I always seem to cast different than I do on the water. However, it would probably give me an idea anyway. Thanks for the push in that direction.

    By the way, and I should have mentioned this earlier, I'm kind of looking for a line for still/very slow moving water. The roll cast and mending line won't be an issue, or come into play. I've found that the steelhead taper on rivers is fine. For the smaller to medium rivers I just use my 4 wt, with a couple of exceptions.

    Thanx g
  13. I found an Airflo Tactical Trout online. Is that the one you're talking about? I'm kind of becoming a big fan of the Airflo lines. The non-PVC thing seems to be outlasting all my other lines. of these days I'm going to pull the trigger on a Cortland Peach.
  14. many years ago I had a bad (memory & color bled onto everything) experience with an Airflo line... I know it's Rio brand maybe not called "tactical trout"... I'll see what I can find...
  15. I have a 9' 6wt and 8.5 4wt. I lined them both with rio gold lines. I really liked it with the 6wt. It seems to do everything. I can put a sinking poly leader for streamers, mends and roll casts well. On my 4wt the gold was good, but a friend had a line (he does not know what it is?) and seemed to cast slightly better. I recently sent my 4wt line back for warranty replacement. I am not sure if they changed something or just having a new line, but it casts amazing.

    I have gone away from the shooting head lines like a gpx for a few reasons. I am also not a fan of Airflo SH lines, TH lines are great. But if you were to go with a like that is a 1/2 wt heavier I would go with a 5wt. I have seen, especially on the 6wt, where people underline that rod. But that would go against your wanting to cast better in close. The other line that people really seem to like on Winston rods it the triangle taper (TT)lines. That line people either seem to love it or hate it. There is lots of discussion on the Winston Forum (now on facebook) on lines.

    Where are you located? If you are around Spokane you are welcome to cast my gold.
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  16. I hijack an uncle's 9'6 6wt B2X periodically. He has it mated to a rio gold line and for what it is worth, i like it. I've used it in salt and in MT rivers. Works well for me.
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  17. Rio Gold! Grand is a little aggressive for long bombs in my opinion.
  18. I have a few Rio Golds (4 wt and 8 wt), and they are a great all around line. However, I had problems with the coating cracking/getting stained. After a season or two, they just didn't float as well. <- I'm pretty sure though, it's entirely my fault. I wasn't as careful with taking care of my lines as I am now.

    LD (dumb question), by Airflo SH lines you mean Shooting heads right? If so/and what is "TH"? Is that the one they discontinued?

    I really appreciate the offer one the line. I live in the Valley (Spk). I just might take you up on that. I am curious as to why you got away from the GPX taper. I was actually considering that one. You can PM me if you want, as to what reservations you had/have, or share here...

    Also, I completely forgot about the Tri T. Years back, I bought one of Lee Wulff's the second they came out (victim of the marketing machine). However, I was one of the guys that loved it. It was all about the loooong casts back then for me. That line on my Sage 490 LL was stellar. Later I found out that it had issues with either the roll cast or mending - I can't remember which.

    Anyway, this is really helpful guys, thank you!

    This is what the WFF site is all about right?! Or was is wolves.... :p
  19. SH = single hand lines TH = two handed lines

    I had an Airflo ridge on a previous rod. I just did not really like the line. I did not think it cast any further and the tip would sink. Their lines are not supposed to crack like other lines. The Airflo compact Skagit and scandi's are great lines.

    I find that for me I do not like the gpx. I prefer a longer taper on a sh rod. If you have a heavy head and thinner running line it has very poor mending abilities. This is debatable but I like the longer head for roll casting. A gpx for just shooting a lot of line is fine, but for general fishing it is just not my cup of tea.

    For casting shorter distances actually a DT-5 might be a good option, I have a couple of them as well. I have thought about trying a DT on it but never have.

    I will try to find my notes when Davey Wotton was here and presented to the Spokane Fly fishers. He hates most rods and lines. He likes lines that are more supple. Said that companies have to build their lines to be stepped on, pulled through bushes and over rods. He feels this has a negative effect on making a good casting/fishing line. He did make a good point. He suggested a white line from Europe, might be Snowbee? I will try to find out.

    RIO is great a great company and if you have an issue with a line let them know and if their is a problem they will take care of it. My 4wt was cracked badly towards the tip. Not sure if I am doing something or just the line? Contacted them, they said send it back. I did and had a new line. Like I said it made me appreciate my 4wt all over again.
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  20. Just FYI, one of Winston's reps just sent me an email, they don't have a forum anymore.

    I actually have been doing some research on the Snowbee fly lines. They seem pretty sought after.

    Man, sure I wish I knew that Rio would have taken a line back...:(

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