FS Winston BL5 12wt 9ft 5-Piece Fly Rod ($250)

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    For sale is a set of Excellent condition Winston BL5 Series 12wt 9ft 5-Piece fly rod, with original Winston rod sock and tube. The 5-piece design is a sure bet that you can bring it into the aircraft cabin as a carry on while travelling to your angling destination.

    For the big game fly-flsherman, this powerful but lightweight (5 oz) fly rod is suitable for Tarpon, Sailfish, small Tuna, Rooster-fish, Giant Travelly and casting heavy sink tip for Stripped Bass in Saltwater. Or to land that extra large King Salmon in Alaska or British Columbia. The Boron butt has superb lifting power while the flexible graphite tip enable the fly caster to shoot tremendous amount of line for distance.

    See review at : http://www.flyfishingconnection.com/...on+BL5+Series/

    Asking ($250) plus shipping, Please email yiktan at gmail dot com if interested. Thanks for looking.

    Video of 12wt BL5 casting a WF12F line with 12.5ft of T14 (type 14) sink tip on the Skeena River. The rod loads easily and can manage the heavy tip : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xt44r9shzxM

    Video of 12wt BL5 handling a 50+pound Chinook on the Skeena. Note the strong Boron butt :


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    Nice rod! I don't know if I have a use for a 12wt, but it looks sweet in the video! Nice videos!
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    Do you still have the rod? Where do you live?
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    Thanks for the interest. The rod was just sold yesterday. Best Regards.