FS Winston Boron XTR 6wt and 8wt Rods

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    I have an RL Winston Boron XTR 3pc 6wt and 8wt rod up for sale. I don't remember if I bought these on here or on fleabay. I bought them together and hope to sell them together. It was an impulse buy and I have never used them. Both are in great condition and come with sock and tube. These are used rods but very clean. I've pulled them out a few times to admire them, but can't seem to bring myself to using them. I have some cheapo rods I use for red salmon and I have a nice sage I use for rainbows up here in Alaska. I thought I'd use these rods, but I'm just not that good of a fly fisherman and think these would be better in the hands of someone that could really appreciate them...

    Anyway, I'd like to get $300 each shipped or if you buy both, I'd go $500 shipped

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