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Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by stewart dee, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Looking at a Winston BIIX 14' #8-9 line. Anyone out there fish with this stick? Would love to hear about it, thanks.
  2. Love the winston spey rods. I have the 7133 and the 6126. I have friends that have the 13ft 8 wt and love them.
  3. A friend had one. FEATHERLIGHT rod [loved that part] quite powerfull. Kind of a short'ish' lower grip [on the avereage] if your 'grip' picky like some guys here ;) He only ever fished heads on it, 600 gr Skagit & DDC 10/11 cropped pretty hard. Kind of a quick tip, more so than a LeCie. I could get along fine with one.
  4. Thanks guys I have a demo on the way.
  5. Get an ugly stick! :clown: I've cast a few Winston's and even been to the factory in Twin Bridges, but was playing w/ the boo rods out there...

    Anyway, you should get one, so I can borrow it and play with it! :cool:
  6. They are great if you like a sloooooooow rod
  7. You should get that rod! It will be the lightest, fastest action rod you will ever find. Get a L. Lightspeed too! That combo is sick, that's what I have.
  8. Thanks guys and the proof will be here soon. Also considering a 13' #8/9 Winston.

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