Winter boat protection???

Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by Panhandle, Oct 28, 2009.

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    I don't have a cover and a storage unit is expensive. Can I simply cover my boat with a tarp or does it need to breathe? Any advice is very welcomed.
  2. Ray Member

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    There's a guy in Post Falls named Rick Sparing (used to be Ace Tarps) who made one hell of a boat cover for our boat. The damn thing is bomb proof. If you want his number, let me know.
  3. Mark Walker Active Member

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    Go to your favorite "big box" home improvement store and get enough 1" pvc pipe and fittings to make yourself a "tent tepee" a bit longer than the boat. It doesn't have to very tall; just enough slope for a good rain to run off. It can rest on the gunwales or just inside with the tarp over the sides. Toss a gray tarp or three (lasts a little longer than the blue) over it, bungee down and leave the ends open, but covered enough so the weather doesn't blow in. Leave a few of the joints unglued and you can take it apart for EZ storage when you don't need it. Works like a charm, no condensation problems and very inexpensive.
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    A guy i know will flip his boat over with the help of a few buddies. Rest it on a few strategically placed 2x10's, then cover with tarps. Seems to work. I am lucky enough to have a boat cover and room in my Dads shop for the winter months.
  5. Stewart Skunk Happens

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    I'd agree about the blue vs grey tarps, the grey are more stout. Save your old milk jugs, fill them part way with water and hang from the side grommets, and that's almost it. Then you can just observe and see if water is pooling up. My solution for a little yard trailer was to put a few of the stacking plastic lawn chairs back-to-back with the backs in the center of the trailer where the water pooled. It's worked great even the last two years with all that snow. Sure it's kinda hillbilly, but if your neighbors can't see it, and the Mrs doesn't care you're done for under $20.

    I "think" you only have to worry about breathing if you have any porous materials in the boat like cloth, carpet, or wood.
  6. Jim Wheeler Full time single dad and pram builder

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    I'm guessing everybody who has answered so far knows what boat he has. I don't. So, what kind of boat is it? Is there any wood on it that WILL mildew if you put that suggested blue plastic tarp over it and don't let it breath. Even the breathable fabrics, in our climate don't do very well in that arena.
  7. Panhandle Active Member

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    16 ft. RO Guide model.
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