winter junk rod.

Discussion in 'Spey Clave' started by Panhandle, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. mudshark Deep dweller

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    The TR's a good rod bump up to a 630gr it;ll huck anything justsaying
  2. Empty Creel Praying to the rain gods for mercy

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    TFO pro series in an 8wt. Very cheap now that they've been discontinued. Much faster than the Deer Creek series.
  3. shawn k Member

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    get the new 7133 sage vxp that rod rock with a 550 skagit flight.
  4. stewart dee Guest

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  5. ozcast Member

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    My Favs in order of cost

    7133 BIIX - 510 Skagit
    7133 VXP - 510 Skagit
    7133 Beulah Platnum - 510 Skagit
    7130 Echo TR - 510 Skagit

    12' of CCT200 from airflo will cast way better than T14 on any rod.
  6. danimal Inglorious Twohander

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    A very good inexpensive skagit cannon that someone in this thread has already made a stab at ,is.
    CPX 1338-4.. a 600grn skagit cut back to bout 575 grns will throw big tips and flies as big as you want to huck! Very forgiving rod that excels w/bottom hand. Cant remark bout a 575 skagit flite on er cause I have never thrown one on that stic, but then again I dont like rio's skag flite heads,AT ALL.
  7. Ian Broadie Flyfishing is so "Metal"

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    I'll toss a vote in for the CnD Skagit Specialist as a certified turkey chucker but my 13'4" solstice works nearly as well. If you can find one, the 12'4" Echo II Scandi rod kicks a ton of butt as well, hands down the best Echo 2 hander ever made.
  8. fullerfly Calvin Fuller

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    Maybe if you just change you casting stroke you would like the deer creeks and then you could start throwing some junk.
  9. Rick Sharp Member

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    don't know what your price range is but I have a 13'6" Meiser 8/9 that coupled with a 650 skagit with tips up to 200gr will throw a lot of junk, its a powerful rod and really suited for springers best in my opinion. you can pick up blanks from Bob and wrap up a very functional a great casting rod on the not to overly expensive side as long as you don't get to crazy with components. food for thought.