Winter Lake Swap 3

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Irafly, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Ok Ira I'm in. If you still need another person.
  2. Somebody beat you to it, but if someone drops out, I'll let you know.

  3. Sounds good.
  4. I suppose one of these times I will have to join in one of these swaps on this site!

    The problem is my one and only experience with a swap on another forum the guy took 3 months to finish. What started as a spring swap ended as a fall swap and he also posted all the real names of the people that entered except his and his two friends who lived by him in bend. This was on a site that has about 20 to 30 thousands lurkers on it! I---FIS% I use my real name on this forum but my last name has one letter left out of it for a reason. If I wanted to throw my name all over the internet I reserve that exclusive right.

    When it came down to the end of the swap his two friends were the only people that had not "driven by" and dropped off their flies so the rest of the group 12 could have flies to fish with. When I complained about this on the forum of course he kicked me out of the swap and made me out to be the "ASS" in the group with his two fingers on the key board that I wanted to bust!

    I Emailed him to send my flies back with an invite to meet in the street when I came through bend on my next trip but he didn't take me up on the offer! I had tied 12 flies and sent them fast as a responsible adult and wanted something back for my work in a timely manor. Was that to much to ask?

    For these reasons I have never entered another swap, now I know this site has a much closer or how would you say? much tighter group, but I still want to catch the little four eyed bastard on a lake some time and discuss our interactions and that just is not healthy.

    When I tie 10 or 12 flies that I could use to catch fish and they could add to my personal box and I wont have to tie any more of that pattern for the rest of the summer (or winter) I expect 12 flies in return to fish in that time frame. I used to love spending hours at the table when I was young but now having to wear reading glasses to tie and taking brakes every half hour for my eyes to relax makes it a pain to tie big amounts of flies which I have read many others who's eyes are going feel the same way!

    When 10 or 12 flies to one person maybe just one sit-down, it may take some one else 3 days to finish.
    Just thought I'd give my excuse for not entering any swaps here yet. The key word "YET"
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  5. This is one of the reasons I like to run the swaps, I can trust myself. Although it is like herding cats at times to "encourage" everyone to turn their flies in on time. I've tried bribery for quality and timeliness, but nothing ever seems to work. I think on this one I will set a due date and those not in on time with proper postage paid return envelopes, simply will not receive any of the swap flies.

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  6. This is thinking outside of the box. I like it.

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