Winter Lake Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Irafly, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. You are correct! Unless you want to tie extra for donation, but please don't feel like you need to.

  2. Hell I'm half way there I'm in for 26.
  3. I'm in. I'll tie either 2 of the same or 2 different flies.
  4. Good deal, looks like we have some great bugs comming our way. Can't wait. The earlier you finish, the earlier you get them back.

  5. A little commercial here. I was feeling pretty good about this. Got the 14 bloodige done and Sally Hansened, so started on the Spiders. Figure I was making great time and would be able to send them by first part of next week.
    Well, I got hungry so went to slice some Aged Cheddar with some crackers. The cheese is that stuff that smells like stinky feet...LOL and hard as a rock. I took the big ol' butcher knife and was cutting the wax off. Kept telling myself, cut away! I don't listen to even myself, honey so you should feel better about that LOL.
    YUP, Caught the joint up by the finger nail on the pointing finger and the thumb on the left hand. Throb! Hardest part, putting the bandage on.
    Good news, it doesn't effect my tying,....WOHOO! So again, by the first of the week.
    I will now return you to the regularly schedule tying.
  6. blue: i hate cuts. See them all the time with my students. Burns suck too. Tell Allan it was his fault.
  7. Blue sorry to here about your cuts.I spent some time in Utah back in the 80s. I fished the provo river
    and the green, wow the green was awesome. I'll be dropping my flys off at Iras today,ends up we live not to far apart here in Everett. Can't wait to see all the different types of bugs!
  8. Thanks guys. I can say I put my blood and guts into these flies...LOL
    I can't wait to drown a few of these flies!!!!

    Pictures would be inspiring along the way though (wink, wink)
  9. Geez Blue. I hope all mends well.

    I'm off to the fly shop this afternoon for more supplies. I fully expect to have mine done by next weekend.
  10. Great now we can't fish her flies in artificial only waters because they have added scent. :) Smashed my thumb real bad a couple weeks back as I was putting my boat trailer on the hitch. Ended up missing my ferry in order to do some doctoring (lucky for me my wife is a nurse), I did manage to catch the next ferry and still ended up having a somewhat decent day fishing but that thumb did get in the way of tying for a week or so.

    Hope all heels well.

  11. Me too, I didn't realize I was out of the hooks for my bloodworm pattern. They are hard hooks to come by. I may have to order them express.

  12. Two in!!!!! mrcoachman and nailbender, both have their flies in and as I am going fishing tomorrow, I'll give all of you a first hand account on just how they fish :)

  13. Finished half my flies at the Radishbash today. I am going to tie the same pattern in 2 diff colors (black and red).
  14. Finished mine tonight. A marabou minnow with red hackle gills, and a black & silver buzzer with marabou gills.

    They'll be in the mail on Monday. Can't wait to see what everyone else sends in (so I can cannibalize your ideas for my stillwater arsenal).
  15. Mine are done. I'll be contacting you for delivery details.
  16. I'm getting close. 5 more to tie. I figured there will be a lot of cool chironomids coming from this swap (not my specialty) so I went with a bugger for my second pattern.

    Edit: all done
  17. Mine will be mailed in the AM
  18. Jeff Studebaker, I love that baitfish pattern and I almost put that chironomid in my mouth, I can't imagine how the fish will avoid it. Three tiers done and in and so far... man they are awesome.

  19. Wow! Thanks Ira! I feel like I still don't really know what I'm doing...just experimenting, trying to think like a fish. I don't have much confidence in my tying yet.

    So I'm gonna let your high praise go straight to my head.
  20. No prob Jeff, hey, where did you get the hooks for the chironomid? I've been looking for those same hooks for my bloodworm pattern.


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