Winter steelhead help!

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by ksherk, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Way to step up East Fork! That there's a perfect unemployed steelheader's stick. That's a better rod than many of us, employed or not, used to harvest many a steelhead over the years.

  2. i began steelheading last january after i was laid off. caught my first steelhead on a 6 day campout on the OP involving cheap booze, pasta, and a borrowed rod. with a fly i tied on a $30 vice. being laid off afforded me the time to do my research, tie flies, and find my way to the river day in and day out. most everyone is stuck to a work schedule. while they spend all week on here, checking gauges and weather reports hoping the rivers will be in shape for saturday, you my friend should be on the river.

    get a map. cover water. sleep in your car. drink hamms. and learn the way.

    man i hope i get laid off.
  3. Come on little bro a true steelheader QUITS his job, when they begin to run!!!
  4. i like to think that i put myself in a position to get laid off in august... just before all the runs got goin :thumb:
  5. That a boy get a good head start, be sure not to miss any :clown:
  6. +1 - at least you can find crack when you need your next hit. :clown:
  7. yea (crack),,,, it comes with a thingamabob bubble and junk drifting nice and clean..:rofl:

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