Winter Steelhead Swap 1

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Arthur Vakulchik, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. While the girls were hard at work in the kitchen making an awesome Thanksgiving dinner I got off the floor and made some tying progress. I could not sit too long, but I whipped out a few prototypes to get me in the intruder mood then got about half the flies tied for you guys. I hope you'll give 'em a swim and a steelhead will give 'em a hit and stretch your line. The lighter is just for size reference.

    Orange ostrich herl, chubby chenile, sparkle strand yarn, more orange ostrich herl, orange schlappen hackle, black schlappen hackle and a pair of jungle cock tiny nails. Tied on a 35mm waddington shank, red barbless gamakatsu octopus size 4 hook on a 50# doubled spider wire loop.
  2. yeah man! looking good ed. hope the back heals up for you real soon! got to get out and fish those mean looking flies...
  3. Tying has commenced! I am halfway done, and plan to finish the rest tomorrow morning. I am tying a few extras and plan to test them out on the Skagit on Sunday. Hopefully the test results will be positive! :D It's a little hard to see all of what is happening with this fly in the picture, but they look quite fishy to me, and I am positive they will do the job.
  4. Ooh, I like 'em. Can't wait to see them swim on Sunday. :beer2:
  5. Sunday? Testing flies? Matthew, those do look damn fishy to me. Did you say something about Sunday?
  6. Yeah what about Sunday? How come I wasn't invited?
  7. Aww man, you guys are killing me. I thought that I was just going to show Matthew all of my super secret spots, now I have to show everyone in the swap. Just great. :D
  8. Arthur, my flies are tied, dried and tagged. I'll put them in the mail tomorrow or Monday.
  9. guess I better get going on tying since I have not started a single fly! I will have them done by the end of Sunday and ready for shipping on Monday.

  10. I think we'll need a bus! Ed, I thought with your back you would be out of commision. I will be learning the river so we will get you up there at some point. Eric, I don't think I've met you, but it would be great to meet you and get out on the water sometime!
  11. Honestly I was lucky to sit in my tying chair for about two to three hours to get the flies tied. I think fishing this Sunday would be great, but too soon. I'd hate to force you guys to decide on hiking out while carrying my fat @$$ or just leaving me as a peace offering to carnivorous bigfoot. I remember seeing that bigfoot trail on our last outing and that strange howling really freaked me out.
  12. Well, I caught a Dolly today with my fly, but no steelies. Came close to one, but it didn't want to play.
  13. flies will be sent out tomorrow.

  14. Flies went in the mail today.
  15. Actually mailed mine Saturday, Arthur you should see them tomorrow.
  16. Good job guys! just tied up another and have 3 more to go. Ive been a little lazy about tying them will have them done in time for sure. ive gotten jim Doerr's flies wich look great and ill check the mail today and hopefully find some flies.
  17. so ive recieved mumbles flies and Mathew's. also have docsprately's.
  18. and remember guys! FLIES DUE THIS FRIDAY!!!!
  19. Mine will be in the mail tomorrow. I left them at home today on accident.
  20. Can't wait to see all the flies from you guys. This was a lot of fun since I had to do some research and learned how to tie a new fly.

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