Winter Steelhead swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Cameron Derbyshire, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. I'm in too. How about a Tragoprawn or Coast Orange as I just got Dec's book as an early present.
  2. I count fourteen tyers as of this moment, is that what we've got? Is the swapmeister tossing anyone out on his mumbling ear? I'm up for tying a dozen and two big nasty articulated flies with lots of action.
  3. this is going to be a good one!!
  4. is this a go or what?
  5. ??????
  6. Why wouldn't it be? 14 people are fine w/ me. Looks like it should be a good swap! :beer1:
  7. I just wanted to make sure, as we haven't heard anything more from the swap leader...

    I'm good to go...:beer2:
  8. Weekend adventures either on the water or with family. Sounds like this loaded up faster than he may have anticipated. I tied some of my stingers last night and will work on the rest and the bodies as soon as I can.
  9. Gentlemen, it's a go! We've got the following participants:

    Cameron Derbyshire
    Zach M
    X Dog
    Brian Thomas
    Randy Chong
    Eric Tarcha
    Nooksack Mac

    Looks like there are fourteen tyers, so tie up a baker's dozen. Let's set a deadline for Saturday January 17th. That will give you just short of five weeks, and plenty of time to use them for the season. I see a few new board members. Please read Ibn's 'sticky' post at the top of the 'swaps' forum.
    I will PM everyone tonight with my address. Please PM me or post on this thread when you've sent your flies; I'll PM you to let you know of safe arrival of your flies. As a gentle reminder please include the following when you send your flies: thirteen flies, a container to send your flies back to you, a self addressed mailer/large envelope to send you flies back in, and prepaid (i.e. pre-stamped) mailer or money to cover return shipping. I will not provide any return containers, packaging, or pay to ship your flies. It's just plain annoying The deadline of Jan 17 will be strictly adhered to. Flies will go out in the mail Monday Jan 19th, period. I'll take photos of the flies and post in the swap gallery. Questions, please ask.
    Get tying, and let's make everyone envious of our swap!
  10. Randy's done. This is what I have come up with, and still haven't named it yet. (I reminds me of the ladies with the Red Hat Society) The picture doesn't show the maribou color very well, but it is a Cerise Maribou. The Recipe is as follows:

    25mm Waddington
    Sz 3 stinger
    Purple ice dubbing as highlight
    Purple Chenile body
    Silver Mylar ribbing
    Grey Palmered Spey hackle
    Purple Grizzly feelers
    Cerise Maribou
    Purple Guinea Hen collar

    I hope you all like it.


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  11. Sweetness Mr. Chong!
  12. oh yeah, that'll fish well. i am still tinkering with what i am going to tie...hmmmm.
  13. Tying some of mine up right now boys. Really looking forward to this...especially with all this cold weather.
  14. I hear ya! If it wasn't for all this cold weather, I would never make it through these Tragoprawn flies! They take for freaking ever (at least for me). Five trago (red-pheasant) top wing feathers with four folded guinea wraps and four dubbing loops per fly, now I know why Dec likes these. They keep people at home and off the river (just kidding). bawling:
    On the bright side, I'm almost done and they look sweet. Hope the rest of you like them too. :thumb:
  15. i'm pumped to see those in person, and everyone elses. I'm about half way done, decided on black/blue silvey tube snake.
  16. Just need to thread some hooks into these puppies and they are on their way! How's everybody else doing?

  18. awesome bro! i am going slow, but i will have mine tied up this weekend.
  19. I'm going slow too. I have a bunch of my maribou stingers tied but have yet to do the shanked bodies. I'll be able to tie lots between Christmas and New Years as I'm home running daddy daycare. Maybe I'll let my 3 and 5 year old tie some up...what do you think about that?
  20. Is it too late to jump in on this one??? I would love to contribute my purple bunny love leech. I had a steely on the Kalama last week that seemed to like it! I can have my flies in by the deadline no waddya say???

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