Winter Steelhead swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Cameron Derbyshire, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. Sent mine in on Friday, look for them in the next day or so...
  2. Hey guys, my flies are done and I'll try to get them in the mail tomorrow. Here's a pic. of one. Hope you all enjoy, can't wait to see everyone elses.

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  3. SmokinAces, that fly is nice looking! I'm catching steel on that one!
  4. Thanks mumbles, I really couldn't get my camera to take a good picture without the flash f-ing things up. It's a great fly and I've been doing very well on it for a while now. Hopefully everyone likes it and catches some steel on it!!! Thanks for my first fly swop everyone and I'm sure it isn't the last!
  5. Mine are goin out today at noon...should be there by thursday
  6. I thought the deadline was moved to Saturday, the 17th. Is this correct or did I miss the boat?

    I'm sure the boat may float by anytime, but had planned on getting them done and out next week. Some nice ties there to motivate me!
  7. Sending mine out today ... express ... I hope they make it!

    I was on holidays over christmas and was planning on tying during this time. Unfortunately I was sick the whole time, first stomach flu for 4 days then the next day I got a cold for a week!


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  8. looking good everyone!
  9. I feel for you there. I had a bad ear infection and then we were snowed in for nearly a week. Didn't get out much over break to do any fishing, but did manage to get some flies tied at least! Now, who knows how long till the rivers will be decent again :beathead:

    Oh and BTW, your flies look sweet!!!

  10. Just to update the swap, deadline for flies in my hands is this Saturday the 17th. I'm missing only five sets of flies.
  11. Sorry guys . I was taken ill over the holidays . The flies have now been sent via Airmail .

    It`s a Waddington Prawn btw . Like this .
  12. mine are sent, will be there before saturday. can't wait to see everybody else's!
  13. I'm sorry guys, I didn't get mine done and assume the flies will be out tomorrow. I apologize for not getting them done, but had some tough personal issues come up and waited until the last week again. Some very nice flies and I know I'm missing out...
  14. any updates?
  15. How are we looking guys? Everyone done? Things in the mail?
  16. Photos are up, flies are in the mail tomorrow. After packaging them up, I found an extra of Randy's on the floor. Swappers, please check the contents of your packages. If you don't find the pink pattern in plastic bag with tying recipe, PM me with your address and I'll get it to you. Thanks to all the participants for making this a superb swap. Impressive ties all around.
  17. Thanks for hosting the swap Cameron :thumb:

    And another :thumb: to all the participants .

  18. Thanks Cameron, great looking flies! Who's going to be the first one to put one into the mouth of some steel?
  19. Wow guys, I'm very impressed with everyone's ties. Looks great, can't wait to get them and hit the water. Thanks again for hosting Cameron!
  20. Wow, awesome batch of flies that I can't wait to get, try to replicate and fish of course. Once again I'm the biggest recipient though as my fly does not hold a candle to the rest of your great ties. One day I will have to repay all the debts I have incurred. Thanks Cameron for hosting, and for all for tying.

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