Winter Steelheading Teaser

Discussion in 'Steelhead' started by Dan Cuomo, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. Ventured out to Forks recently. If you enjoy fishing in the snow - and I do - espescially without any wind, you may enjoy these pics. Swung through every run I hit, then nymphed with an egg pattern underneath. Had one take on an egg, but it was a short-lived hookup. Oh well. Fun day with an interesting drive home.

    Interesting to note: The Hoar Frost you see in the third pic is what's responsible for avalanches; creating an unstable bond between layers of snow. It's what gets people killed skiing the backcountry. On the river it's just pretty.

    Winter Steelheading is here!
    Snow Hoh 2.jpg Snow Hoh.jpg Hoar Frost.jpg Outside Forks.jpg
  2. Nice Dan,

    I had a similar drive over there a few years ago. Driving along lake Crescent in a light snow was one of the more memorable drives I've ever experienced.
  3. Damn I am really itching to get out there.
  4. Long, shitty drive and tons of other anglers.
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  5. Looks amazing. Love fishing in the snow.
  6. Isn't that the case just about anywhere?

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  7. Alway's do good fishing in the snow

  8. Absolutely. Vampires too. Zombies coming in March.
  9. Time spent on the water is never wasted.

    Savor and live for the moment. Snow is just a byproduct of winter steelheading.
  10. Floated the Hoh for two days from Minnie's Bar to Allen's Bar and saw two other guide boats both days. The jetted right down the river and we had it all to ourselves. Double digit hook ups both days. I would drive over there any day for that if it was near me. We also did two days on Bogey, and were only guys with fly rods. The gear guys crowded each other, but we had every run we wanted to ourselves.
  11. I've been fishing 30-60 minutes from home this month. Haven't shared a pool with anyone except for the hour I spent at Reiter. Fewer steelhead than the peninsula, but no ferry fees. Buddy and I landed 12 dollies out of just one pool yesterday. Throw in a handful of silvers and it makes for a nice day.
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  12. Sound like what I'm doing,less fish but fewer anglers..
  13. I've always been happy with that equation...I should be experiencing that tomorrow.
  14. Hey cuppa noodle,
    as a displaced alaskan I have an interest in dollies it's a northern thing any size to those you caught? Flesh patterns? or is it too late for those? Been awhile since I drove over from the wenatchee area usuall when I am short on time I do a quick fish along cracker bar seems that big eddy where the sultan drops in holds a bit of everything but no dollies for me when I was doing the salmon there smitty

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