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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Adam Yost, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Adam Yost

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    I am trying to scrape together a couple of hours this weekend to hit Pass Lake. Haven't done much wintertime lake fishing, and was hoping to tap into some knowledge on this subject. I am assuming that colder water temps. make for less active fish. That being said...what is the best way to fish in these conditions? Chronomids? streamers into the bank? trolling a wooly bugger? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Tim Lockhart

    Tim Lockhart Working late at The Office

    They're still really active. What you'll notice from the falling temps is a little less energy but they aren't going limp on the hook just yet. Had a big outing on Friday, and my take on the level of activity is it's probably the last good push before the cold of winter sets in and they begin laying low. Surface is still mid 40's and there's plenty of food spread throughout the day while nothing is so abundant that it causes concentrated feeding in terms of timing. Instead there is activity throughout the day. Friday was a prime example, as the first 2 hrs of light were really productive along the shoals (still minnows), then early afternoon got crazy, I think on chironomids, then dusk saw a shorter but more intense push, again on minnows. In between the lake would still put out, just less frequently. Never really died at all.

    The cold nights may slow that a little more by this weekend, but there should still be plenty going on. A few tips:

    - Use a full sink, Type IV or V, throughout the day. If you can't stand it by eve, the floater will work right at dusk (I'm staying with the sinker and it's keeping me busy).
    - Be careful about time spent fishing in tight. Unless it's proving out, you'll do better just out and a few feet down, especially where shoals are. Holds true even with visible activity in the shallows at times. There are reasons for that.
    - I always tell guys to arrange as much time as you can out there if you haven't been going. No matter how active, it's tough to dial in cold turkey. Mainly you want to be there long enough to overlap a period of major feeding. Simple stuff but the easiest way to catch fish is to just wait out the bite if you're not seeing much. Assuming you're covering water the right way, they always show up eventually and it's surprising how many guys pack it in after 2 or 3 hrs if nothing happens. Pass is notorious for turning on right after the crowd disappears.
    - Just about anything works for fly choice. A little trolling ok but focusing on possible concentrations with a retrieve from depth will serve you best. Use the typical lake stuff (I like leeches). I haven't seen anyone killing it with a still presentation lately.

    Good luck!
  3. Islander

    Islander Steve

    Follow Double F's advice....he's the man and is spot on. I can emphasize the part about casting as aposed to trolling. I like to troll to get to an area or to locate fish if my starting spots are not producing, but I've seen lots of guys troll right through good areas and not fish different depths to locate the fish.
  4. Adam Yost

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    you guys are awesome. I appreciate the info so much, and will put up a report this weekend. Thanks.
  5. a_fors

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    I had good luck the other day, I was in town for Thanksgiving and I had ten minutes to spare, so I made some casts off the landing and got one nice brown. It was about 18 and fat! I would post a pic but my phone that the pic was one just took a swim in the washer! :D
  6. jimmyz

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    try the far side of the lake it is shallow which brings the water temperture up a few degrees. If you want to have some fun use your dry line and take a muddler minnow and put some floatant or wax on your fly throw your fly to the shore and strip your fly with a fast retreive the large browns will follow. Also try using other flys under your strike. indicator such as scuds;shrimp patteren and my favorite the snail patterns.
  7. nice, so wher you using a wolleybugger then?
  8. a_fors

    a_fors Active Member

    no i was throwing a minnow pattern
  9. flycasterwa

    flycasterwa Chris Delsing

    Great day today, no rain, flask of 15yr scotch, light wind, and great friends!

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