Winter Trout Swap

Discussion in 'Fly Swaps' started by Connor H, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, I was thinkin it would be pretty sweet to have ourselves a collection of trusty winter trout flies. This swap will be for rivers, whatever fly you have found to be the best fly for you in the winter. Nymphs, Streamers, and Dries should all be included. One pattern a piece and up to 10 people. Anyone who wants to get in to some fishes and warm up their vises are welcomed!

    Deadline will be somewhere around Jan. 1

    Me- IN
    Zach M- IN
    Brassietim- IN
    Sharpshooter223- IN
    Shawn Bauchamp-
    Erick Tarcha-
    TLL- IN
    Fly Punk- Boatman
    Islander- Something stillwater
    Mumbles- IN
  2. Connor,

    Are you limiting it to Rivers only? Or will Stillwater be included?

    I may be interested.

  3. since this was my idea i say all around trusty winter trout fliesfor any water. im in i will tie some sort of chironomid
  4. TLL, I will include Lakes, but preferably rivers. You may tie whatever your little heart desires!

    Zach, SHUT UP!!! lol

    Anyone else is welcome!!!
  5. I would give it a shot, but I'm still trying to figure out what to use out here, and my flies aren't the prettiest.
  6. Don't worry about the flies, Not all are like the master's of tying! just tie up a couple of easy flies that you enjoy tying and we'll get some back to ya! What do you want to tie???
  7. I can tie up some wooley buggers using oil filled tubing instead of the regular chenille.
  8. What? anything will work as long as it won't kill anything!
  9. :D No, I fill them with olive oil, not 50 W or anything like that.
  10. Go for it! I am lookin' for 10 people but I can't count on it. I already tied my flies because I was hopin' for a sculpin swap but nothin' showed up! WOO HOO!!!
  11. Then I'm in. I'll start tonight.:beer2:
  12. i think ill join, ill tie a small bunny leech.
  13. I don't get the olive oil thing.
    Is that so after you catch the fish it is covered in oil so it can go directly into the pan? :confused: :D
  14. :D No, it just something non toxic that fills the tube, puffs it up.
  15. im in, ive never done a swap i need to start gettin in on it. but which is it? lakes or rivers?

    and 1 pattern?
  16. sign me up. sounds like fun.... not sure what i will tie, but something very trouty.
  17. Connor,
    Put me down. Don't know what i will tie yet, but whatever it is i guarantee it will work!!

  18. I would like in also. At least in part because I want to see what a olive oil fly looks like. I would like to put some thought into the particular pattern just yet.

  19. sooo lakes it is? haha

    we have chiros, w-buggers, and bunny leeches thus far.... not exactly winter yak flies.

    might as well make it a stillwater lake swap just so we dont all get a bunch of random flies, all flies with one goal would be a better fit. IMO

    for a lake i'll tie my twist on the hale bopp leeches.
  20. I don't really care what the swap is for. Stillwater or Rivers.

    I will be tying, what else, but a Twinlakesleach Special. This fly will work in either river or stillwater.


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