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Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Denny Wagenman, May 20, 2006.

  1. Anyone fished Big and/or Little Twin lakes, and/or Davis Lake in the Winthrop area recently. Guess I will get greedy and ask if anyone has fished Big or Little Green near Okanogan or Rat Lake near Brewster. These are all catch and release lakes for now
  2. Big and Little Twin from what I've heard are not to bad right now. You might try Patterson Lake, this lake gets very little pressure, it has brook, Rainbow and Tiger trout. Try around the inlet creek by the resort. standard lake patterns work well.
  3. Big Twin is hit or miss. There seems to be more algae and grass then there used to be, and less trout:beer2: . It also seemed to have a ton of siltation. I would spend more trying to dial in Patterson. Plus there are some 6lb bass in there.

  4. A good number of us fished Big Twin from last Wednesday through Sunday. Because of the hot weather fishing was very slow for the first few days with surface water temps at close to 75 deg's. Friday night it rained all night and into half the day Saturday. Water temps dropped to just below 70 deg's. This brought on some good fishing although still challenging. Small blood worms seemed to be consistant. Mid day the big boys came from the depths and keyed in on damels. Many fish were in the 15" range with the holdovers running from 19" to 24" many of these were into the backings of reels and lots of seperated leaders. The lake level is still down and needs more water, it's warming too fast and will see another fish kill if something isn't done soon. It's a shame because this lake can put out some trophies. With the cooler temp's slated for the next couple of weeks it should be good fishing with the best action being damsels fished in the shallows mid day.
  5. Fished Campbell Lake a few weeks ago, it was quite active. Best flies seem to be olive damsel nymph and black bugger. Heading back over this weekend and plan to fish Campbell and Davis, and likely Patterson.

    Will report back again - or if you're out there, give me a shout directly.

  6. We're headed out towards Winthrop for the long weekend - camping and hiking mostly. I plan to bring the floattube and fins. Are the lakes higher up (say 4000') gonna be iced over still. What altitude should I plan to stay below to find fishing.

    Thinking of ... Oh, I'd better not say, as it'll invariably be someone's zipperlip.:beathead:

    Any recent trails info north of Winthrop would be appreciated. TIA.

  7. We are heading tomorrow, probably fish patterson, look for an old guy with fly rod in hand in a 12 foot lund. LOL


    We'll figure out this lake

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