Winthrop Area Lakes

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by PeteM, Aug 8, 2012.

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    I am planning to fish the Winthrop area over the weekend. I'm planning on hitting the rivers early and late in the day while fishing some lakes as well. How are the lakes holding up with the temperatures lately? I am thinking of lakes like Campbell, Davis, Cougar, Big Twin, and Black Pines. Any updates would be appreciated.


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    Last weekend, The Bellingham fly club was over for our annual Methow River outing. The Methow, Twisp and Boulder were all fishing well. One friend went up to Black Pine and did well there. I have a house on Big Twin and one of my friends did very well Sunday, catching 6 after an hour when I checked on him. He was using a flesh fly and a sinking line. Cougar ws fishing well around mid July but don't know how it is lately. I also hear good reports from Buck Lake. I'll be there next weekend (leaving in about 2 hours as a matter of fact!) and if you stop by I can give you some directions to some other lesser known lakes. 210 Twin Lakes Dr-4 houses past the turn off to the Big/Little Twin launch. Rick
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    Nice up date, Roick. Hope to see you in the fall.

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    Hello Rick,

    Great information, thanks! I'll be in the area so if I can stop by, I will (at least to introduce myself). My grandparents use to live in that area so I try to make it over there at least once a year.

    It's always good to hear of new spots. I spent a lot of summers over there fishing the rivers, creeks, and lakes. I love that area. It brings back a lot of good memories.

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    If you're looking to 'harvest' you could check out Pearrygin Lake. Its full of stockers, and they always seem to be hungry.

    A word to the wise: I tried eating one a few years ago and literally had to spit it out.