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  1. Anyone planing to fish the Winthrop Area on the opener? I'm planing to fish Big Twin and a few other local lakes Sat-Monday. Any word on how the Twin lakes over wintered?
  2. The recon I have received is that the ice came off of Big Twin on April 6th (which is about 10 day ahead of last year). Patterson was a few days later. I haven't heard about the lakes on the other side of the river, but would guess they lost their ice around the same time. I was up at Moccasin last weekend and it was pretty murky from recently turning over - I would expect Big Twin is experiencing similar conditions, but will be clearing up a little every day as the sediment settles. Good luck on the opener.
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  3. Donato:

    We will be in the area, not sure where we will be fishing. There are other options than BT / LT in the area. Look for a flotilla of Outcasts with electric motors putting in from the access that go to either BT or LT. Brown Silverado.

  4. Thanks Chief for the Intel. Good luck fishing
  5. Try to spend some money over here.
  6. Any particular reason to spend money over there? Due to the bad winter season?

    I do spend money over there, some good micro brews and some good restaraunts - an especially nice one in Twip., Oh yeah, the bakery, too.
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  7. It just seems that the fishing/hunting crowd tends to camp, bring food from somewhere else, etc. more than other groups.
  8. I will be out fishing both Twin Lakes and having pizza at East 20 Pizza. Also usually grab my coffee in one of the stands nearby.
  9. I ALWAYS hit the that I know where it is. :D
  10. Tappi is our new go to place for a great meal thanks to Rick Todd.
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  11. Will there be a sighting of the vaunted Trout Master??
  12. Man the weather looks like it could be cold and wet. We may ahve to hit the brew pub in twist to get out of the rain on Sat. May have to pack a spinning rod and power bait and fish with the poachers at Leader lake if the wind gets bad.
    i hope I don'y get jinked if I put that rod in with my fly rods.
    It will be nice meeting some of the members on here. Fishing out of a green bucks bag high adventure pontoon boat and my girl friend has a small blue cadis toon.
  13. If the wind gets real bad, I will be on shore chironomiding with a switch rod. I will be driving an FJ.
  14. Jordan camping at big twin site 29 or 30. White ford f-150 white canopy.
  15. We fished Davis Lake on Tuesday afternoon for a few hours and released over 20 between the two of us. Most fish were a bit smaller compared to last year but I did pick up one nice carryover.

    Tried to spend $$$ on dinner in town but being the off season everything had shut down at by keep that in mind if you fish until dark.

    Good luck to everyone heading over this weekend. May the wind have mercy on you!
  16. LOL, welcome to life in NCW! Even Hank's Market closes at 8 so you learn to plan your dinners before you start fishing. Heck in the big city of Wenatchee, my favorite restaurants and many fast food joints close by 8PM year-round.

    However, if you get off the water after dark, don't despair - there is a Mexican restaurant in Winthrop open until 9PM on week nights and later on weekends. It's on the main drag at the north end of town.

    149 Riverside Ave, Winthrop, WA 98862
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  17. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1398459379.756395.jpg
    Look at all the sippers to the typical mid morning Callibaetis hatch.

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  18. That restaurant has great food.:)
  19. We had a good trip but stayed away from the common waters, electing to go for bigger fish and not quantity. Didn't fish Big Twin, which I heard had thinner, smaller snaky fish. We found other places with decent fish to be had. A toddy or two at night (okay, three or four for me) was a nice finish to the day. Good conversation, good friends and great BBQ.

    The balsam is out an looks great on the hillsides.

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