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  1. Spent a few days over in Winthrop. Hit one lake on Thurs. & Friday that holds some very nice, fat fish. Ya don't talk numbers here but rather size. Did okay on fish 18"+ and heavy. Water temps were good.
    Fished Big Twin on Saturday. There are a lot of small fish hitting the surface. I did well on the bigger fish on chronies / SJW down about 14'. Fish are mostly 14 - 16", not real fat. You can have a fun day catching all the fish you want. There were a few others on the lake. For the most part, weather was decent.

    Make sure you stop in the bakery in Twisp for a cinnamon twisp - gottta get there early to make sure you get one.

  2. Hey Scott, great report. Glad you got into some fat ones. I'm hoping to get some water time later in the month.
  3. So bakery first, lake second. At least you have your priorities in order!
  4. I cannot agree with u FF. If you in twisp it should be bakery first, steelhead second.
  5. Islander - In your case, you shouldn't stop, you'd never leave the bakery.

    Dustin - I'm gonna have to try that steelhead thingy one of these days. Bakery, fish & a micro brew after! Did talk to a guy on BT that had steelhead in the AM, trout on the lake in the PM.
  6. Dustin-I drove down the Methow from Winthrop heading to some of my favorite quail hunting grounds this weekend (also got a nice visit from Scott-nice to see you again Scott!) The river was pretty crowded with steelhead fishers and the Miller hole was packed! If I were to hit the Methow, it would be in a couple months when the crowds subside and the fish are in the river instead of lurking in Lake Pateros! Rick
  7. Good to see you too, Rick. Your place is looking good. Did you bust some birds? I headed back to camp a bit early just to make sure I was ready for any weather that might move in.
  8. We had a good hunt with a few large coveys of quail and also ran into quite a few huns at one location. Shot several birds and had a great time. Rick
  10. dont worry im plannin to take my new waders with me when i fish miller hole.
  11. Bakery in twisp is always a great start. Was over there this past weekend too, fished the Met in the AM no chromers saw a couple rolling but no takers a few nice release cutbows and some big biglips. Afternoon was local out of the way lake with some nice fat hungry bows, fat aggressive up to 18 or bigger, made for a fun afternoon all alone on a little lake. Made it back in time to listen to the 4th quarter of the Dawg game and party with everyone else at camp. Love the valley this time of the year!
  12. Bakery or Ducks Brand, fish, golf, micro brews, pizza to go, campfire with martini bar and live music.
    Sorry to butt in but that's a really good day on the Chewuch.
  13. East 20 Pizza (some of the best I've had-try Papa Dan's and a Greek salad!) Carlos 1800 is very good Mexican and Tappi in Twisp is just a great gourmet restaurant. We do the Cinnamon Twisp often, but they make really good fresh cinnamon rolls at the Ice Cream store on the corner in Winthrop as well! Rick
  14. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, Food and fishing .
  15. Geez you guys are killing me with all this talk about food, beer, & pizza!
  16. Some great food up in Twisp. Made the mistake of not stopping by the bakery before heading out fishing and all of the good stuff was gone by lunch.
    Now priorities have been straightened out

    Good report

    Be up next week with the shot gun, dog and pole. Probably forego the Met in favor of the stillwaters up there.

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