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  1. Scott Salzer

    Scott Salzer previously micro brew

    Made the annual fall trip over to Winthrop. Fished three different lakes. BT produced the highest # of fish, 20+, for a few hours on the water. Fish varied a bit in size, smaller were 12-14, larger 16-17". Not quite as fat as I would like to see. Lake #2 didn't produce many fish for the day, total was three, but they were fatter and larger, 17-18". Lake #3 produced the larger fish for the trip - a couple at 18" and a couple at 20". Very healthy fish, put up a very good fight. And, the cinnamon Twisps at the Twisp bakery are as good as ever, as are the cinnamon rolls in Winthrop.

    The fall colors light up the valley, especially at sunrise. The weather also cooperated and there was no rain and very little wind.

    The drive over Hgy 20 was uneventfull with a dusting on the trees along the highway at the higher elevations and snow on the higher peaks. The drive back was a bit different, with heavy snow on Washington & Easy Passes. There was snow on the road and it had been plowed, with plows standing by.

    A big thanks to Rick and his wife for letting me camp out at their place. They were perfect hosts and I enjoyed the heated house and conversation. It did get a bit cold for camping as there was ice inside the tent on Sat. & Sunday morning.

  2. Rick Todd

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    It was lots of fun to have you Scott! Since Patty likes you, you have a permanent invitation to the Winthrop house (although Patty kept thinking you really needed to be in the house in a warm bed rather than in your cocoon!) Thanks for the great wine and visiting. Next time I will have more time to spend fishing with you! Rick
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    The regional fish bio in the area commented in reducing the number of fry in BT lake in the coming years to try and get a little more size on the fish. Anglers have been satisfied with the numbers but have commented on the size.
  4. Rick Todd

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    Interesting David. Last weekend a fisheries guy was planting some fry in BT. When I talked to him he said they were leftovers and figured he would plant them in BT. Rick
  5. Islander

    Islander Steve

    Great report Scott. Glad you got into some nice fish. I still have yet to hit that bakery in Twisp, maybe in the spring.:(
    Was the lake we talked about #2 or #3? My experience would put it as the #3 lake.
    This might be a stupid question but did you get them on chronies?
  6. Scott Salzer

    Scott Salzer previously micro brew

    That would be #2. Very pretty with the bright fall colors. (1) on a chronie, (1) on something called a cammo carey & (1) on olive/black WB. I think that couple of weeks from when you fished it, the temp changed quite a bit - it was 49.
  7. Islander

    Islander Steve

    Glad you got some action there. It is a beautiful setting.
    Camo carey, what's that, I'll have to give one a try sometime.:D
  8. IveofIone

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    ;) Save your time Steve. That Camo Carey-also know as the Whidbey Myth-is a waste of tying materials.
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    The Cinnamon Twisp is a fantasticly good bakery.