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  1. Scott Salzer previously micro brew

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    Just got back from three days of hot weather / no wind fishing in the Winthrop area. Got to BT on Friday to hook up with a firend that had been fishing chronies off of the put-in waiting for a couple of us to show up with his boat. He had (18) to hand in the 1.5 hours he had been there wade fishing. Boat, who needs a boat?

    We left BT and hit one of the other area lakes. Did very well on fish up to the 4-5 lb. range, with some smaller recent plants.

    Sat. found us back at BT for most of the day. Fished very well. I was able to cast dry emergers in the shallows with good succes on the 3 wt.. Also fished chronies in the shallows about 18" down and you could watch the fish take the bugs. Fun stuff. The afternoon found us at yet another higher lake and while the fishing was not hot, the fish were big - one 23" very fat bow and I picked up a heavy 20" brown. Very good stuff.

    Headed back up to one of the high lakes again and I had a tough day. Seems like I could only get the recent plants, and finally did get one of the big boys. Got schooled by a buddy that was hitting the big fish every couple of minutes. The big fish in this lake were very healthy and the fight / runs were great.

    Hot weather, cold beer, no wind, good friends, very good fishing - can't ask for anything else.

    Damn good trip.

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    Man you had a great trip. I spent 4 days up there this weekend and the wind blew ever day in the sinlahiken valley and on a few lakes south of there. Out of 37 fish landed 18 were on chirono's, so I'm getting there slowly.
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    Glad it was so good for you Scott! I wish I could have been there instead of what I was doing, laying my Dad to rest! Tuff week! Hope to wet a line with you soon! Rick
  4. Scott Salzer previously micro brew

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    I too wish you would have been there, but there are other, more important, things that need to be taken care of at times.

    See you soon, my friend.
  5. Gregg Lundgren Now fishing on weekdays too!

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    Nice report Scott, and very good fishing indeed! Thank you for sharing. I have a four lake circuit that I used to make, and six when a couple of the higher lakes begin to fish, which sounds like it might be starting about now. My imagination runs wild! So sweet when you hit it just right!:)
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