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  1. Off to Winthrop to hit the local opportunities and, perhaps a micro brew and some tasty treats from the Twisp Bakery. Back on Sunday.

    If ya see a "mocha" Silverado towing a trailer with a couple of Outcasts (maybe three) say hello and stop by for a dram.

    Gonna be a good trip with good friends.

    Safe travels to where ever you be headed.

  2. Best of luck to you and your cadre! Safe journey. Let us all know how it went.
  3. It may be worthwhile to try an evening on Little Twin. Few fish but many are good sized this fall. Good luck.
  4. I'm headed up there in a few minutes to fish with Scott and the Trout Master.
  5. We had an okay trip, not great. Fall fishing in the past has been better. We hit three lakes in the area. One for big fish, which we caught a couple and lost more. This lake fished slower than usual and made for a tough day. The other two were a bit better but not as good as they normally are this time of year. Didn't expect big fish but did expect to catch more than we did. I had hope for a little more dry action but missed the opportunity.

    Good to be back in the Winthop area with good friends, good food and fishing. The colors are great and we had four sunny, windless days.

  6. A pleasant weekend re-meeting old friends. On the trip back I had pontooners on the other side of the river catch a steehead from the pool I planned to fish.

    I think a good definition for Winthrop is "the town where Yuppies and old Hippies meet the West".
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  7. Would have liked to have got to fish with you there Bill. I always forget how beautiful the methow valley is. That's were it all started for me as a kid were my grandpa taught me how to cast a fly rod at the ripe age of 8. Glad you guys had a good time!

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