Wire Rib Sizes?

Discussion in 'Stillwater' started by Kaiserman, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. As I've mentioned in other threads, I'm trying my hand at chironomid fishing this spring.

    As I gather some of the materials I need, I'm confused about the different wire sizes used (or so it seems). I'll look up different ties, all in the same hook size, and find different "definitions" of wire to use.

    I understand that you can tweak a fly, and that everyone has a preference, but I'm sort of stuck on which way to go.

    I'm finding: Ultra, Fine, Small, Brassie - What the heck is Brassie? In some listings it's before 'fine', and in other listings it comes after 'medium'.

    If I'm tying sizes 12 and 14, which is where I'm going to start, what wire size should I use?
  2. Well as you mentioned it becomes about preference, but small has always worked for me. I will often times use tinsel as a rib as well and then either coat it with finger nail polish or wrap it with scud back to protect it.
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  3. The chart I have says: x-small 22 and up, small 16-20, brassie 8-18, medium 2-8, large 2-1/0
    Beyond that, personal preference for me. Pretty sure they threw in brassie to dick with
  4. Small for me as well. If you want the rib to be more pronounced, you can double up the wire or use two different colors of wire.
    One of my favorate patterns is a black thread body with a red and silver rib the covered with SH Hard as Nails.
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  5. My preference is small wire, or ultra fine.

    I keep a thin profile as possible and heavier wire shows up under my thread wraps when i tie it in. Heavy wire also can cause problems when coating the fly with hard as nails. I get small voids in the varnish next to the wire. Thinner does help thisissue but thin wire also reduces the these unnatural looking spots.

    Thread also makes a nice subtle rib.
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  6. All I ever use is Small and X-Small, and I tie a lot of chironomids. Colors, however, are a different subject. Just get them all, sooner or later you will want them.
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  7. I also use fine size wire for the reasons Jeff mentioned.
  8. Is wire used, because it gives a "texture" look? I've seen thread used for rib before, and always wondered why others use wire. :confused:

    Also, does anyone here tie all wire chironomids?
  9. Yep, look at the fly called the brassie
  10. Wire also makes the fly much stronger since the wire does not brake on the fishes teeth. It helps any fly to stay together but does brake sooner or latter but catching 10 fish on a wire bodied fly is a lot more common than one with a thread wrap.
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  11. Yeah Mark, that is so true. I had to find that out the hard way a while back, when I'd only get 6 or 7 fish off of one fly.

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