Wirehaired Griffon

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  1. So, olddog are you going to keep this year old ugly dog (I'm joking)?
    I like mules also.
    I for one think you are doing yourself and that dog the best for both of you.
    You are getting a full grown buddy that most likely needed you as a one on one buddy as you need him, (it was a him was it not).
    Keep us posted on how the relationship goes.
    dirty dog out
  2. Thanks again for all the feedback. It is looking pretty good that the new pup will end up here on the Faded Rose with the olddog. I am thinking if he gets too rambunctious all I need to do is slip him one of my bp pills .... I sure downshifted a gear activity-wise since going on them. Should know next week for sure.
  3. Old dog, I am about your age and have to start thinkining about my next Brittany replacement. Based upon your query, I did some research and concluded, like you, that I will need a closer hunting dog in future years. A pointing/retreiver that can handle less than extreme conditions sounds pretty attractive to me. I'm afraid that I will soon be too old to keep up with a hard running pointing dog, but would still like to continue wing shooting. I would appreciate your keeping those of us at this web site informed about the results of your search for the perfect dog.
  4. hey Bushwacker,
    Those are some fine looking dogs you have your arms around.

    I have come to a conclusion that all we need is a mellow close working dog, new lighter shotgun, more open chokes, 8-9 shot .... and find secret spots where the birds are close to the road.

    Been out of the dog training/hunting game for a long time and am surprised on how many of the old concepts seem to be modified. My non-expert opinion suggests we need to start off with a pup that comes from verifiable background. That means tests similar to or like NAVHDA and others do in the pedigree. At our age we probably dont want to spend several years on a dog and find we have a misfire. For that reason alone I am not going to adopt the 1 year old Griffon and I will probably regret that decision.

    It is amazing how much info is out there at the other end of the laptop. I keep looking for breeds that seem to emphasize the dog hunting for the gun rather than self and also ones that seem calm and can make good home companions. Some of the Griffons, the French Spaniel (didnt even know there was a pointer versatile French dog other than the Brit) seem to fit. The Clumber is of interest too. I bet there are others.

    Daniel Tortora wrote a book years ago, THE RIGHT DOG FOR YOU, suggesting choosing a breed that matches YOUR personality, family and lifestyle. Makes lots of sense to me and explains why one person's ideal is another's poison.

    What could be the answer to our prayer might be to find a 4-5 year old trained dog who had a boss just like us. If we could observe the dog for a bit and ensure there is a good fit all our problems would be minimized.

    Of course then we would miss the fun of exposing the new pup to plenty of new things like terrain, water, wild birds, people, sounds, etc. (but miss the housebreaking and chewing stage altogether)

    I can see this is going to be an interesting search and besides learning about dogs I am realizing some things about myself that I had not known. I also bet that within every hunting breed there is an ideal dog for me and one that fits all my criteria. The challenge seems to be able to bring the two of us together.

    How you like the Brit as a do-all kind of dog?
  5. As Paul Harvey used to say, Here is the Rest of the Story ......

    I hemmed and hawed for months about getting a WPG pup and finally pulled the trigger and did something.

    I adopted the one year old Griff mentioned in previous posts. He is a 14 month old neutered male, and fits in with the rest of the critters on the farm. He points chickens and butterflies so far.

    We've been getting out a little on grouse scouting trips and he does work both sides of the road, gets into cover and stays within gun range and does check back on a regular basis. We have not found or bumped any birds yet but that is more my fault than his. I am in an air cast boot for a sprung achilles and cant get off the beaten path.

    In the house he is Mr Mellow and seems to stick like velcro. It is way to early to assess how this will work out long range but so far my expectations have been exceeded. I am treating him like a 12 week old pup and waiting until his bird drive gets fired up and then will start training him for real.

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