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Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Kaiserman, Nov 7, 2013.

  1. Man, this could be (may be) the game of the year for the PAC 12. I'm not a fan of either team, although I'm leaning towards Oregon, because I want a PAC 12 team to have a shot at the title.

    Don't hate me, but for the sake of the PAC 12.... Go Ducks!
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  2. Oregon for the win just to be the pac 12 flagship
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  3. This should be an interesting game. So far, it appears very difficult to stop the Ducks. They simply have too many different offensive weapons. A running quarterback is a huge asset.

    ....that and the 1,325 uniforms :)
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  4. Those are uniforms?
  5. Go Cardinals

    Stanford 1962-1973
  6. Once an Indian Always an Indian!!!
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  7. I'll root for the team with the most ridiculous mascot.
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  9. Well that would obviously be a TREE!!!!
  10. It should be a good game. But I don't even like saying the word ----. It's not the players. It's their ex coach(Chip). Go Stanford. I'm happy when anybody beats Oregon.
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  11. Only football game worth watching tonight is Sounders vs Timbers....
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  12. Blah Blah, El Futbol Americano is numero uno amigo!!!!!!! :p
  13. Then you should know it is the Stanford Cardinal, not Cardinals!

    That being said, curiosity got the better of me, so I did some online sleuthing about the origin of the name "Cardinal" which refers to the red color, not the bird, only to find that, when they abandoned "Indians," in favor of the word for their red color, they were erroneously called "Cardinals" for nearly a decade before someone realized the English was incorrect and the 's' was dropped.

    While I think it would be a fabulous game to watch, I'm with PT in preferring to watch the Sounders vs. Timbers.

  14. I knew one of you folks not who is not sophisticated enough to appreciate the world's game would chime in. ;)
  15. So basically, they are called The Red. ...and their mascot is a tree.

    Makes perfect sense to me.
  16. The Duck's mascot is Donald Duck (how they got the rights to use Donald as their mascot from Walt Disney must be an interesting story) but they call it Puddles, not Donald.

  17. A redwood tree right?
  19. Beats me. Kind'a short for a redwood.
  20. MLS is tough to watch. Most teams play on field turf which doesn't make for the same game. But, how in the heck can any of you sit down to watch the DUCKS? Blahhhhh!!!

    Go Vikings!

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