NFR Wish I had ESPN tonight

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  1. Dave you are getting wiser by the minute. Plenty of room on the wagon, hop on brother!
  2. Just stream it online for free.

    ducks gonna win by 21+
  3. Hey Dave, its called a BAR!!! Haha
  4. Stanford's logo is the "El Palo Alto," the 1000 year old redwood for which Palo Alto was named. When you understand the history of the Stanford and the fact that the university was built on Leland Stanford's Palo Alto horse farm, the tree logo makes a lot more sense.

    Stanford University's official name is the Leland Stanford Junior University, named after the Stanford's only son who died at age 15. My diplomas say I graduated from a junior university.

    "This is the story of California’s oldest living landmark, the tree known as El Palo Alto.

    Actually to fully tell that story you have to go back more than 1,000 years. El Palo Alto, the tall redwood that stands near Palo Alto’s northern border has been rooted to that spot for a millennium. It’s an amazing fact to consider. Today tree lovers can walk into a small park on the banks of San Franciscquito Creek and look up at this enormous redwood that was just a small sapling when Leif Ericson first set foot in the Americas. Indeed, El Palo Alto was past 500 years old when Christopher Columbus set sail and it was nearing its 800th birthday in 1769 when most historians believe Don Gaspar de Portola and his band of explorers first “discovered” the tree while looking for Monterey Bay.

    A century after the Spanish explorers took note of the tall tree, Senator Leland Stanford settled trotting horses on his new Palo Alto Stock Farm. Later he and his wife Jane founded a university that would model El Palo Alto on its official seal. And as the University Park tract matured around Stanford University, it incorporated in 1894 as the city of Palo Alto."


  5. I actually thought of that, but you can't hear anything... and I'm with my kids tonight.
  6. This is a TRAIN WRECK for the PAC 12!!! 17-0 Stanford.

    No offense Stanford fans, but I am TIRED of the SEC invitational...I mean the BCS Championship.

    Last year (at the time) #1 Alabama (at home) lost to #17 Texas A&M - at home - late in the season. They dropped waaaaay down to 4th in the polls. Wow, that was brutal... :rolleyes: They ended up in the Championship, and won. Nothing against Alabama, it wasn't there fault, they just did their job.

    However, in fairness, If #2 Oregon loses to #5 Stanford, at Stanford... by those same "calculations", Oregon should move up to # 1.5

    Seriously though, Oregon should drop one spot, maybe two. If it was Alabama, I can almost guarantee that's what would happen. I'll put money on the fact, that Oregon would drop to around #10, and no shot at the title.
  7. I'm loyal to Benny and Bernice Beaver 1988-1992. Go Stanford
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  8. #6 Baylor kicking asse tonight over #10 Oklahoma....Baylor undefeated and will be jumping up tonight.
  9. SCREW THE POND CRAPPERS! Lose, and lose big! Maybe they need to hire a different recruiting agency.
  10. Goooooo Stanford !!! God how I hate the Ducks !!!
  11. Like Dave Kaiserman said above. This is a train wreck for the Pac-12. I'm rooting for Stanford, but I'm also tired of hearing about the SEC. If the current score holds up, they'll both be out of the championship hunt. Hopefully Bama, Florida State, Ohio State & Baylor will have a late season loss to make things interesting
  12. The Ducks Annual Egg Laying, It's looking to become a regular event.
  13. They also consider who you've beaten not just who you have lost too.
  14. Hahah Stanford is servin up an ass whooping
  15. So "they" say. Funny how teams are "great", "good", "tough wins" when Bama, Oklahoma, etc., are playing them...but when the PAC 12 teams play those same teams, not so much.

    Or, when a #5 team beats a #2 team (in the PAC 12) it's all relative. "The PAC 12 just isn't a tough conference this year..." Can't tell you how many times I've heard that one. Gee... then why is Stanford #5 and OU #2. How'd they get there? The end result = OU will fall to #9, Stanford won't go anywhere...:(

    Just for the record, this isn't aimed at you personally...
  16. No worries, I don't disagree with your perspective of there being a bit of an SEC bias. If Stanford hadn't lost to Utah I could see them in contention but that loss is going to haunt them.
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  17. And by the end comes around, "they" will have Utah whittled down to looking like nothing more than a high school team...making it look even worse.
  18. I didn't see the game, but from all that I heard, Stanford's D wasn't suppose to be that good - not good enough to stop OU's offense anyway.

    I think some eyes might be glaring at the O.C. of the Ducks.

    But, Stanford gets to ask..."Who's your daddy?"
  19. UO also did a good job of shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers at crucial moments.

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