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  1. Anyone ever sent in a rod to a company and not have the warranty card? Do they treat it different with a spey rod compared to a single hand rod?

    For example, I just bought a used sage 8150-4. If I break it and send it into sage, are they not going to fix/replace it unless I filled out the warranty card?

    What have been your experiences?
  2. I've returned rods to St Croix (years ago), sage, gloomis, pflueger (yes...) and TFO. In no instance did I have the warranty card already filled out and sent in. I often had the card sitting in a drawer or lost or I wasn't the origanal owner, etc. In all cases, I got the same treatment I'd have expected if I did have the card already sent in.

    PS - this is my experience with single handed rods...
  3. I recently sent in a 7141 that I bought used, no warranty card. Just sent them the rod along with forty dollars. They fixed it no questions asked. Kevin
  4. In my experience, Winston, Lommis and Scott have been the only companies that were very strick about their warranties and returns. They date the serial number on the rod to the original owner. I am sure there are other companies that do the same. I have sent in a couple Sage rods that never had the warranty card filled out without a problem.

    Justin, I think the only way you can break that rod is if you actually used it.
  5. That's the way I thought the rod companies treated it. If this is the Case, the Warranty card really isn't important huh?

    HEHE, Well, I really planned on going today, but "someone" went fishing with all the Weekend warriors on Sunday, and was too tired to go today.:confused:
  6. :eek: Sounds like a Clearwater rod to me. One that is VERY nice with a floating lines and dry line fishing methods. :cool:

  7. That's what I hear Poppy.

    If I don't like it, I'll sell it and buy a Meiser Highlander 16' 6/7 from you.

  8. Better take Scott Rods off the "strict list."
    I sent in a 1287 I bought used that had a loose grip. Didn't hear anything from them in a couple of weeks, so I called to see how she was coming along. The fella at Scott said that the tube showed up at their repair shop looking like a pretzel (UPS :mad: ) Said that the first and second piece were toast, but that the top piece was alright and that it might take a few weeks to repair and get back to me.
    Never asked for the warranty card info, and a more or less brand new rod showed up on the doorstep a week later. :thumb:
    I cried with joy.:beer1:
  9. Although I've broken few rods, I've found the same (included my 'converted' Redington) to raise an eyebrow when sent in for 'repairs.' Even when I've told them, in writing, the fix had nothing to do with 'defects in workmanship or materials.' KEY was the rod(s) were FACTORY RODS, not custom builds. There the deal appears to be we'll supply a new section, but you're on your own from there.

  10. I also think it matters where you send it from. For example, if you have a fly shop that does alot of buisiness for the particular line of rods you broke, and have their return address on the box...I think the company will do back flips to provide the service needed to keep their dealers happy. If you send it from your own little personal return address, the results might vary.

    An example of this- I bought a used nautilus 12 reel from a guy on the board here. Well it was left hand retrieve not right hand. You have to send it in to get it fixed. The website says like 2-4 weeks or something. I call and they tell me the same thing. I take it to the fly shop in welches and Mark tries and tries to do it himself. Finally he says screw it, and we put it in the box and send it to Nautilus. So I ask him how long of wait. He says, probably by the end of next week. Hmm. Ok, sound great. Sure enough, The end of next week there it was, with a new spool on it. WOW!
  11. I have only hear of T&T being very sticky about the warrenty card. Orvis and Sage are great.
  12. I assume you havent used Winston. Winston is the polar opposite of TFO. Heck, if you live by TFO, just bring the broken rod in and they will give you a new rod for free.
  13. I've sent two rods to Sage, neither w/ a warranty. One was a custom rod tied on a 2nd blank and they sent me a new section to tie up. The other was an older 9140, which they also fixed in a pretty short amount of time. I think they have outstanding customer service, as well as a quality product.
  14. Never a problem with my old fenwick or st croix fly rods I have returned for repairs over the years not sending in the warranty card.

    With the no or low growth of fly fishing these days they should value every customer they can possibly make into another fly rod sale



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