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Discussion in 'Watercraft' started by troutpocket, Sep 5, 2010.

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    This is a long overdue report on using the raft bottom I ordered for my water master Kodiak earlier this spring. The justification for the purchase was to take my son out on lakes and it works well for that. He was able to stand on the bottom and balance on the side without any danger of falling out. I was also able to stand; however it was not as stable feeling as I had hoped. More akin to standing on a waterbed than a boat bottom. However, sitting on the seat with my feet on the raft bottom was comfortable and I can imagine doing that in the future, particularly in the winter when my fishing days are limited to how long I can soak my feet in near-freezing water.

    View attachment 34061 View attachment 34062 View attachment 34063 View attachment 34064 View attachment 34066 The on-the-water shots are from back in July at a small bass pond in central Oregon. I highly recommend the Zebco spincast combo for a youngsters first fishing outfit:thumb:
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    you're a good dad.

    btw, do you have that raft fully inflated? looks like it needs air to me.
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    Somethings wrong with photo number 5. Look who has the rod...:rofl:

    You're a good dad for taking him out. I would have never thought about a floor for my Wilderness Access (almost a WM). Instead I had bought a standard inflatable with a inflatable floor. Still a little squishy to stand on, but, I like taking my son out with me in it.
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