NFR Wolverines re-populating WA State

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Lugan, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Lugan

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  2. riseform

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    I arrived just moments too late to see one on a trail in Glacier NP last summer. Missing that sighting gnawed at me the entire trip (people had great photos). Still high on my list of desired wildlife sightings.

    Oh, and I like to carry a .45 1911
  3. Flyborg

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    Twenty five seems like too many. Better lock up our children.
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  4. Jim Darden

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    You know, we are doing so well with grizzlies, wolverines, and wolves, why can't we do the same with trout and steelhead?
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  5. Yay for wolverines. I, too, would love to see one. I've seen weasels (and ermine), mink, martens, river and sea otters, fishers, badgers, and skunks in the wild, but never a wolverine.

  6. Luke77

    Luke77 I hope she likes whitefish

    When I was about 17, I was backpacking into high mountain lakes with my family and was taking a leak by one of the lakes we were getting ready to pass when all of a sudden, I startled a few little ducklings out of the brush and back into the lake. There I am...ripe old age of 17, exposed, relieving myself, when a mini bear comes FLYING out of the brush stomping his feet at me like a pissed off pit bull and bluff charging me. It backed itself back into the brush from where it came and I took off running the other direction. After much deliberation and consultation, it was thought to be a wolverine. I decided then, I don't want to run into one of those again.

    But very cool they are coming back, just keep them away from me. *shudder*
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  7. Now if we could get our wild steel populations to repopulate. Looks like I will have to settle for wolverine hunting
  8. Salmo_g

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    I guess that's cool. How long until they're blamed for llivestock depredation and preying on women and children. And what is the best carry piece for defending against wolverines? I had no idea until the last couple years that wildlife discussions could be so painful.

    Oh, and I'm sure they have been illegally re-introduced by WDFW and the USFS and possibly other jack booted government thugs in black helicopters. Don't want to leave out any essential details.
  9. Patrick Gould

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    Wow, what a story. I've been in the same situation, but with a group of older lady hikers.
  10. luv2fly2

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    there was only one documented sighting and they estimate 25. could be, who knows. mike w
  11. Ed Call

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    Where was Itchy Dog during said sighting?
  12. Porter

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    The area was better off when Lewis and Clark ventured in here . I was surprised by the Sea Times article too. In the Icicle area too, thought if anything it would have been farther north okanagon/canada border area. Or maybe there are some ?? .....Any way I find it cool that they are here. And in addition they eat rattlesnakes....might be a few less in the wenatchee fishing areas!:)
  13. Jim Wallace

    Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

    Those most likely were "cougars.";)
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  14. Honey badger like
  15. Jim Wallace

    Jim Wallace Smells like low tide

    Another hiker and I saw a wolverine in the pass near Lyman Glacier above Upper Lyman Lake, back in 1966. We were in a group of hikers taking the route from Lake Chelan up to Lyman Lakes, then up thru Cloudy Pass to Image Lake, then down from Miners' Ridge to the Suiattle drainage. We were camped out at Lower Lyman Lake, and my friend and I went for a day hike up a ridge behind Upper Lyman Lake and traversed over to the pass, where we saw the Wolverine moving away from us. In the distance it looked almost like a small bear. But it had a bushy tail! Unfortunately, we were both out of film! It just would have been a small dark speck of an animal in the distance, anyway, with the funky camera I had back then. (It was a Balda half-frame, 35 mm, folding bellows curiosity that I'd picked up in a Seattle pawn shop back in '65 for $15. About the same time period, I picked up a .303 British carbine at Warshal's for $15. Back then $15 could buy you some really cool stuff!).
    Everyone I tell this Wolverine story to goes, "Uh...huh!" At the time, though, I was attending Bellevue High School, where at any time that I was walking down the main entry hallway, I could treat myself to the the ever-inspiring sight of our moth eaten mascot, immortalized in some distant past by cheesy taxidermy, and forever growling its death growl from inside its showcase.
    In other words, I knew what I was looking at.
  16. TomB

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    You forgot some important details, Salmo: they are not even the native wolverines, they are mutant canadian wolverines that are a different subspecies (whether USFWS admits it or not), and are 2 times as large as the native wolverines and much more aggressive and kill for pleasure
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  17. Old Man

    Old Man Just an Old Man

    I think it's cool to see wild animals out and about. When you live in a city you don't get to see things like this.. When in Washington and you would see a deer you were lucky. Here in Montana they run in herds. I've seen Foxes and their kits, Moose, Elk, no bears here yet. Antelope, Badgers. No cats of any kind. I spend enough time driving the back roads that sooner or later I will see what I haven't seen yet. I left off Wolves, I have seen them.

    Also Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Grayling. Rocky Mountain Whitefish, And last but not least Suckers. I have had the privilege of catching all of them. They have all been a blast.
  18. TB

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    A friend of mine had a lady squat right in front of him while he was hunting, all camoed out. He was polite, and did not reveal he was there till he met up with her down the trail a while later. I....well... I would have probly done something different.
  19. Patrick Gould

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    I was fishing way up the little Naches. I came around the corner and there was a lady dirt biker facing away from the creek taking a pee. She couldn't hear me because of the noise of the creek and I just walked back around the corner and gave her enough time to finish.
  20. ak_powder_monkey

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    I know someone who caught 18 in a season trapping hahah

    I also saw two going at it in a bush.