NFR Wolverines re-populating WA State

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by Lugan, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. freestoneangler

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    Unless they start playing the Rose Bowl in Seattle, this is just BS. Wolverines in WA state...poppycock.
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  2. Tacoma Red

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    Just another reason to carry your homemade rod tube with you at all times.
  3. dryflylarry

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    About 1983 I was on a solo hike in the Pasayten Wilderness. It was a 50 mile loop trip up past Hidden Lakes, Quartz Lake, Whistler Basin, Ashnola Pass area. On the way out, I spotted two or three wolverines. It was awesome. I was also lucky enough to come upon a huge porcupine. It was one of the most memorable hikes I ever did.
  4. Itchy Dog

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    What the...?
  5. Alex MacDonald

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    I thought that might be what I smelled one day up on the upper Icicle. They really stink! Between wolverines and the wolf pack over in the Teanaway, that should knock the hell out of the dope growers!
  6. Old Man

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    Could of been a Badger.
  7. Smalma

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    In the late 1990s I saw one while steelhead fishing on the lower Sauk in late March. In about a 10 day period two other folks reported seeing one (same animal?) in the same general area.

    Just another example of why the Skagit/Sauk is such a neat place.

    The year I saw the one on the Sauk before a young male was hit and killed along Hwy 9 near Acme (Whatcom Co). Got the chance to examine the animal up close and personal.

  8. Krusty

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    Hell...I never worry about reintroduced animal predators...or those that appear to be making a recovery without the aid of black helicopters or mutant genetics.

    I do, however, worry about human predators...whose rapacious behavior seems to further degenerate on a daily basis.
  9. Klickrolf

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    Doubt wolverines were ever extinct in Washington. I had a good long look at one walking along a talus slope right behind my house a couple years ago. And, this one looked to me to be closer to 50 lbs. than 30lbs. Maybe the fur jaded my estimation but I wouldn't back down on it much. This one was in southcentral Washington...and I do know what I watched for 5 or more minutes.
  10. Krusty

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    Nope...that was just Old Man. Back then, in his Boeing days, he believed that trout were like Viet Cong...they could smell an excessively clean flyfisherman laying in ambush.
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  12. Flyborg

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    About 1983 I was watching me some of this:

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  13. TB

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    me too. Loved that show.
  14. Greg Holt

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    Dryflylarry makes a good point--
    There is a sliver of great habitat for Moose and Wolverine that comes down from B.C. into north central Washington. I have a piece of recreational land East of Loup Loup Pass (west of Okanogan, south of Pasayten) that has provided glimpses of both above creatures. The wolverine was fascinating, nearly unbelieveable--moving somewhat like a very large skunk, with fur more like a bear. I'm 64, and have seen several cougars, but only one wolverine, and it was a chance encounter.

    It is my understanding that they have a very large range, are mostly scavengers who occasionally kill live prey, and are not known to sleep in the same place twice. As secretive as they are, they probably know the whereabouts of most of the remaining sasquatches...
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