Wolves kill 176 sheep

Discussion in 'Cast & Blast' started by Mark Walker, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. Whoa... here, kittykittykitty! A cougar near here wiped out 6 sheep last week, but we haven't seen it since.
  2. "Many of the animals died from suffocation, since some apparently fell in front of the rest, resulting in a large pile-up."

    Sounds like wolves killed a couple of sheep, and traffic conditions killed the rest.
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  3. When I was a kid on the farm in Ontario, a fox walking across the field would panic those stupid SOBs into a pileup in the fence corner. If you did not get there quick a bunch would smother, the only thing stupider than a sheep is a politician.:D
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  4. Are you implying that we should let a couple foxes loose in the capitol building? 'Cause I know a guy, he can get some foxes if we need em.
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  5. Judging by the way sheep respond to adverse stimuli, just run into the capitol building in a halloween mask and fart hard, those politicians will pile up and die like crazy.

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