Wolves on the Westside?

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  1. TFG, you sound completely convinced that wolves deliberately engage in wholesale, wanton slaughter of elk, cattle and sheep just for the sheer fun of it. Perhaps you can back up your assertions with some facts?

  2. By the way,

    I think I have a problem. I am addicted to this effing thread. I was trying to spend time in other forums, but I just keep coming back. Ugh! I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.

    My name is Jason, and I'm a threadaholic.
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  3. Me too. The only time I've heard or read anything about that is when it comes from the 'Only Good Wolf is a Dead Wolf' crowd.

    Anybody ever see or read Farley Mowat's Never Cry Wolf?

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  4. Hahaha! I've gotta get some work done and make a few bucks this afternoon. Over and out.

  5. I've been trying to avoid any response to this thread but .....

    If you put two wolves in a big pen with 15 elk, you will have two dead wolves in short order.
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  6. ok, wait, so you want me to find you a study or report on why wolves surplus kill elk, cattle, and sheep? Hmm, that's like asking for studies done on why people look at excessive porn.
  7. Kent, I just started this book, wife bought it for me, fascinating...OK, back to wolf shizzle...
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  8. Yep. See, my problem is that the only time I hear about wolves killing for 'sport' is when it comes out of the mouths of folks like you who want to shoot first and aren't interested in asking questions later. Until I see some impartial study (and NOT crap from somebody like the NRA) that supports your assertion, I'm taking what you say with several LARGE lumps of salt.

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  9. I really can't believe you or anyone has difficulty believing wolves excess kill and you want a study done to support it....... ......But have fun waiting for that partial study done that supports "your assertion".
  10. Great movie, Kent!
  11. "Anthropomorphization of wild animals

    Always a good idea.


    I don't get it, ribka. Are you trying to branch out into declaring an open season on grizzly bears, or in this case to be more specific, brown bears? Treadwell got what he was subconsciously seeking, to become one with bear scat. He might just as well have smeared Tabasco all over himself. Slapping wild bears. What a guy! Bet that impressed his girlfriend. By the way, the audio tape had to be destroyed because it was so terrible. The sad thing here was that the girl was in effect an innocent bystander and 2 bears had to be put down, essentially for being bears.

    What some of the shoot all wolves on sight crowd don't seem to be remembering here is that a lot of the guys who don't buy into that argument are hunters, just like you, and in many cases, just as deeply invested in elk, deer and cattle. I won't say range maggots, er, sheep. If the elk won't hang with the critters, I won't either.

    Years ago, when I was working on my masters in fisheries and wildlife at Utah State, the coyote was the public enemy (the ranchers and others had already completely wiped out the griz and the wolves). The wildlife and fisheries students pretty much were hunters and fishermen (go figure) and pretty much unanimously agreed that the poor coyotes needed a better union or lobby. The forestry and ag students, on the other hand, were pretty much in the let's go shoot some coyotes crowd. Not all of them, but a bunch. There were a few fairly ugly group exchanges. It's not that we would not hunt them or shoot them (coyotes, not ag students :confused: , it was just that we didn't believe they needed to be exterminated. Oh, and the other critter that a lot of "ranchers" wanted to eradicate?--a bird. A big black one with a white head and white tail feathers. Because supposedly they were taking all the lambs and calves that the coyotes missed. I am still convinced that a lot of the calves and lambs lost to predation were actually submitted simply for the check the government sent out to compensate.
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  12. Late to the discussion, but I second this. I spend countless hours practicing with my bow and rifle, scouting, and getting up at 3AM every day for the ENTIRE 5 weeks of archery season here in N.E. WA. And I'm one of the more effective deepwoods bowhunters I know, killing a deer every 4-5 years. Haven't gotten an elk yet. I'd like to see the original poster try shooting at 500 yards.
  13. My great grandpa made good money killing bald eagles.
  14. Wolves are carnivores. They kill deer, elk, rodents, and other critters. It's what wolves do. Human hunters kill deer, elk, and other critters, and apparently can't stand a little competition. Or maybe they suffer from small peter syndrome and want to show those wolves who the REAL apex predator is.
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  15. Nice hero shot of a half dead afixiating fish drug up on the gravel.What are you trying prove?

    Performance issues?

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  16. Jason, I'd hazard a guess here about their predations among sheep by saying they respond instinctively to prey behavior when the prey runs. It's like a cat with a mouse. In 60 years of being in one sort of forest or another, hunting everything from frogs to humans-well, I don't know I'd bestow that title on some of the two-leggeds I've hunted-but, I've seen this behavior in plenty of the higher predators first hand.

    Jerry, I don't believe you're looking at the big picture: seems your cherry picking to reinforce your argument, but I'm really tired from chasing salmon this morning, so I know how you felt! Good discussion over a beer, or maybe a glass of single malt and a cigar...

    Jim,I'm with you; an Idaho tag might just be worth going for; I'd like a wolf hide on the wall, right next to that politician I had stuffed last season:eek:
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  17. season ends November 6th... I've scoped a pair that I'll guide you to :D
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  18. how about a little more levity? this thread seems played out, so i'm going back to the references on anthropomorphizing animals and asking a few questions:

    do you think these guys were fighting over something philosophical, like we are, or was it over a "woman"?

    next, i think we all agree that this forum is a beautiful thing. but is anything better than a real club where you can talk in person, smoke a cigar, and drink together over stimulating conversation?


    and last, the most important question: are you the monkey or the goat?


    all credit to walter potter, revolutionary of anthropomorphic taxidermy. so far i haven't found any of his work which involves canis lupus or any of its sub-species.
  19. The missus wants to try out her new 2wt. over in yellowstone park next week, I plan to bring back some wolves from yellowstone park to release on the O.P. I'm interested in seeing if the roosevelt elk that are on the O.P. and are from the same gene pool as yellowstone elk will instictively know what to do when wolves are introduced into the survival game
  20. Practice what you preach and make a visit to Bonneville dam for its all too many "sea kittens".

    If you had balls those Kittens you speak of would be Orca meat, the natural selection of things....

    Now who's next on my greenie list

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