Wolves on the Westside?

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  1. Yeah but between the Middle Fork and Greenlake you got like Itchy dog's house, Scoones' place, Derek Young's Ted Kazinsky Survivalist Shack/Manifesto Hut and The Lufkins.
  2. Not sure I understand the obsession with killing wolves.
  3. censored
  4. Wolves are a controversial species because their reintroduction to the west was done for altruistic reasons with one set of stake holders (environmentalists) without considering the impacts on other stake holders (e.g. Ranchers & hunters).

    Like any wild species, wolves need to be managed to mitigate conflicts with humans. This has come after the fact with wolf reintroduction so there are a lot of people with strong opinions on the subject.
  5. Of course.

    I totally understand that they were reintroduced and are now having some negative impacts on ranchers. And I can understand work being done to either thin out or move those packs that are causing the most trouble for ranchers.

    There are two things that are odd to me--the attitude that the only good wolf is a dead wolf (which maybe isn't as prevalent as it seems, I don't know). I just have seen so many nasty signs/shirts/adverts that amaze me with their crassness.

    Secondly, I think it is really funny when hunters whine about how wolves are making hunting more difficult for them, either by killing off game or by making game more wary/spooky. It seems to me that, essentially, these types of hunters are complaining that the "natural order of things" (and I put that in quotes because I know it's a loaded statement) makes it to difficult for them to hunt. They want hunting to be easier for them, so they want to get rid of the wolves.

    Imagine the analogies in fly fishing, and you can see how ridiculous it is.

  6. Jason - Come on. You can't be serious. If they'd pull all of the damn rocks out of the rivers and straighten them up they'd be a lot easier to row.

    Its also the reason why I only bird hunt at poultry farms.
  7. A wolf on the MF Snoq is a long shot, but not improbable under the circumstances mentioned - the wildfire on the east side. At the rate wolves are becoming re-established in WA, it won't be long before a bonafide pack populates the west side. Cool. Wild lands need more apex predators.

  8. That's supposed to be secret....
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  9. One of the reasons that hunters "whine" is the fact that hunters over the last several decades have spent countless hours and amounts of money for habitat restoration and conservation for the elk herds across the western states. Through the efforts of groups such as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, elk herds and habitat have flourished only to be decimated by the reintroduction of wolves. The elk are a staple for the wolves. To sum it up, the hunters are upset because even with all their conservation work they had no say and to a major extent still do not with respects to wolf management.

    I'm not trying to get into an argument here, just showing a different viewpoint from one who has personally spent alot of time out in the woods helping collar elk and collecting data on herds for management studies. This is a controversial topic topic for all sides involved and a healthy and friendly debate of the facts is always good.
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  10. They are here on the Westside. I take no side in this. See Wolf Sightings on Hunt WA. The link has been posted. There are what i would consider very legit pictures of a pack on the Nooksack. Hybrids or not. Pics are the Nooksack, and I see wolves.
  11. You're wasting your time. Now if we could get some pike minnow, seal, cormorant, northern pike and smallmouth hatcheries in this state that would make fishing for tout, salmon and steelhead more interesting and challenging.

  12. Looks like I'll need to upgrade the .40 to the .243
  13. Do I detect a hint of sarcasm here? ;)

    Somebody please convince WDFW that there should be a bounty on bullfrogs. I could almost make a living at frog gigging.
  14. Wolf meat borsch is considered a delicacy in Russia. Their coats make for very warm and functional winter head gear. I wear mine skiing all the time at snowqualmie and MT Hood.
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  15. Like putting hatchery steelhead in the rivers to please a particular group and ignoring another?

    I should add I do not believe the only good wolf is a dead wolf, but can understand the concerns of ranchers and the like.
  16. Why is it a long shot when these animals can travel dozens of miles a day and there is a large pack just over the crest of the cascades? The state has confirmed 8 packs (mind you this has just happened in the last four years) and officially acknowledge that there there may be up to 5 more packs in the state. I'd say it is a much of long shot as Grizzlies in the North Cascades.

    BTW I don't disagree with this sentiment. I am certainly not in the see it shoot it crowd but do think that they need to be managed like all other wildlife.
  17. Sorta like planting Northern Pike in your favorite trout stream and then telling you that you will go to jail if you catch one.
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  18. Imagine the analogies in fly fishing, and you can see how ridiculous it is.

    Well we should ban fishing from all waters to "restore the natural balance of things" it seems we've had a detrimental effect of making salmon more spooky for bears, trout more wary for eagles and otters.

    It's difficult to explain to non-hunters but if you rented your fancy vacation home out to a bunch of crack heads for 15 years unchecked, what condition do you think your home would be in? That pretty much sums up to what the wolves have done to public lands in W. Montana. Now we're going to do some cleaning.
  19. This is a factually inaccurate assessment of the wolf reintroduction effort. There was nothing "altruistic" about wolf reintroduction. A tremendous amount of input was received from ALL stakeholders (including ranchers and hunters) before reintroduction was begun, and plans were in place for mitigation for prospective financial losses to ranchers before reintroduction began. In any event, I believe the wolves in Washington are not the descendants of wolves reintroduced into Yellowstone and Idaho, but rather are natural migrants from Canada. They are managed as a protected species under laws that are generally viewed as important for management of our natural resources.

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  20. Dick- You are correct about the origin of the WA wolves, at least the Lookout/Teanaway packs. They have been linked genetically to the coastal BC wolf population. The coastal BC wolves are a little smaller than those from the Rockies and some of them have actually adapted to eat salmon. This is a good book about them:

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