Wolves on the Westside?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by scottr, Aug 19, 2012.

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    So if you hunt you have no respect for the animals or the environment unless you use a bow???? And only a moron would use gear to fish....all real fishermen use flies??? That's awesome dude.......hate to tell you but any moron can learn to use a bow or fly fish as well, get over yourself.
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    Is there a place where a person can buy wolf calves? I'm interested in raising a herd in my backyard.
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    Yup... pretty soon you all on the Wet-side will be having to convert your straw houses to brick!:)
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    Well, I suppose we could point our fly rod at a rogue bear or wolf and say "BANG". That might work. You might want to take some lettuce with you to tuck in around your neck.
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    Wolf predation on livestock is understandably an issue with livestock owners. What is more difficult to grasp is the ill will toward wolf predation on deer and elk in WA. Coyotes kill hundreds of times more deer and have since wolves were extirpated, and I never hear a peep of complaint about that ongoing predation. This makes me think that much of the angst has to do with wolves in WA and wolf predation being "new" as opposed to a natural and ongoing occurrence around here.

    It's oddly funny that discussions about wolves tend to be visceral, like discussions about religion and abortion, rather than rational. And all intelligent folks know that you cannot argue with visceral knowledge, that which you "know" in your gut.

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    Hunting is not a sport. Hunting is a way of life, just like fly fishing. Once it's under your skin there is no going back. Yes guns have made the taking of Food easier just like bait fishing, or gear fishing, or,...Gill Nets, Bottom Draggers... I eat what I kill thanks... fish included.
    I have every bit of respect, reverence, Awe...for every single animal, I choose to kill and eat.
    I also have a college education in natural resources. Whatever... I work in my field of study. I hunt with a gun three months out of the year, and I'm about to get my bow out. I fish with a fly rod by choice (It's just more fun that way). I respect where my food comes from and, I give back my backside to the environment daily.
    "Anyone can shoot an elk at 500 yards". (This statement clearly shows that you have no idea what you are talking about). "Without breaking a sweat?" Seriously? When was the last time you dragged, butchered, boned and packed out, six months, or a years worth of food out of the mountains?
    If you have really "gone "years" fly fishing" and can't begin to "scratch the surface" I might suggest a class in stream ecology.
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    You totally misconstrued my post. So I will break it down for you so you can understand :D. Guns have made killing too easy period. Some people have no respect for life whether human or animal . You can shoot elk from 500 yards away. Where is the skill in that??? What I am saying is if you exclusively hunt with a bow, that person would respect life much more because that person has more patience, has put in many more miles of footwork, and will have had to develop a certain skill set to be an efficient bow hunter. There is no instant gratification in bow hunting. So when you finally do take an animal you would have much more appreciation for the hunt. So yes I am against hunting if the attitude of the hunter is to kill off wolves so they can shoot more elk. I am glad elk are more spooky. I would be too if there was a wolf on my ankles and some idiot out there shooting anything moving. Your right about one thing any moron can learn to use a bow or fly fish...after all you did right :cool: ...but when those morons are unsuccessful they seem to go back to what is easiest for them. So I will keep browsing the classifieds for deals posted by those who have given up on fly fishing.
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    Hey Nate I fixed this for you.
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    Mr. Buchanan, please post your hunting experience if you're going to tell us all how hunting works. If someone is going to tell me what I'm all about based on the equipment I use, I'd at least like to know where they came upon their wealth of knowledge.
    Fly fishing vs. gear, rifle vs. bow, the guys who score regularly do it because they know what the fuck they're doing and not because of their gear.
  10. cuponoodle breakfast gritty

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    So can we assume you switched to fly fishing after you tired of filling punch cards with gear-caught steelhead?
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    i'm pretty sure the "growing population" in this country (where else do they manipulate selected species and call it conservation, rather than manipulate their own habits in order to conserve?) is fed almost entirely by factory farms. i would think it's a very small percentage of people who pay the premium to enjoy the kind of cattle/chickens/pigs/sheep that a wolf can get to. maybe i'm wrong about this. but the "growing population" is our biggest ecological and economical problem of all.
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    A few of you mentioned about not eating Sheep. How many of you like lamb. If let to grow it will become a Sheep. Besides People used to eat sheep, then they quit eating them and now they are starting to eat Mutton again.

    You all should quit worrying about Wolves in your back yard. After all, man is trying to pave the whole United States. We have encroached upon all the wild things habitat over the last century. So now the wild things have come into your back yard and your all pissed about it.
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    So now I am a moron because I picked up fly fishing and don't agree with your post regarding hunters and gear fishermen? You are a funny guy.....you did not say some hunters you said "hunters" as in all and you stated "any moron can chuck gear" meaning what? If you use gear to fish you are a moron??? I am sure you have made so many 500 yard shots that you know just how "easy" it is. One of us is a moron and given your posts it's easy enough to see who that is.
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    My, My. This has become a very emotional issue. Lots of hot buttons out there.

    Wolves gotta live too, but then every other living thing feels that same way. Odd isn't it.

    Sky soldier, I like your avatar casting the tight loop. Do you offer instructions. :D
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    I fished with gear when I was a teenager. I never gear fished for SH, trout, or salmon. I fished for bass and crappie. Never assume you know the saying' ;) .
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    The difference is a coyote you can hunt 24/7/365 with no tags and no limit on them... the wolf is a protected species and if there's predation on livestock, well then there's a study by a team of wildlife biologist to determine what killed it, then a special meeting by the feds/state wildlife bioligists to determine what to do with the pack (if it's a wolf kill). They will decide to dart and collar a member(s) of the pack and study it for 6 months. When the pack kills again there will be a decision to eliminate a few members of the pack. They will call in federal wildlife sharpshooters to fly around in a helicopter and shoot a few members of pack. Pack is still there and same thing keeps re-occuring every year with a new litter. Who's paying the bill on this? A majority of it is payed through liscense fees, sporting goods equipment excise tax.

    Well do you want a new boat ramp or state fishing access site... to bad we spent that on trying to manage our wolf population so a guy from NY who doesn't go to the zoo want's to see one in the wild at his convenience.

    A wolf is nothing but a large coyote, it will do what it's designed to do and that's kill shit. The root of the issue is the management of this species and lack there of due to the Endangered Species Act.

    This brings up questions in itself, how can an animal (the wolf) be endangered when it was re-introduced. That's like saying hatchery trout are now wild trout.
  17. Roper Idiot Savant

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    Thank you for your condescending attitude, it's so refreshing...people make killing too easy, guns are inanimate objects...what is a more respectful way to kill an animal, drive an arrow through their lungs, have it suffer for who knows how long, or drop it with one shot right away? Pardon me, but your position speaks volumes about your ego, nothing of respect for the wildlife.
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    Were is the data on that Id like to fact check it
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    If wolves were anywhere nearly as abundant as coyotes, (a) they wouldn't be ESA listed, and (b) they likely could be shot 24/7/365 also. They get special management attention due to their relative scarcity.

    Personally, and I'm no wolf specialist, but I am a biologist and ecologist, I think WDFW did pretty well in threading the eye of the needle in regards to the WA wolf management plan. It's not perfect because there is no perfect plan or a plan that would satisfy everyone. However the plan does include the establishment of a limited number of packs in the state, reasonably appropriate to the available range instead of some emotionally derived number, and it includes processes for managing and controlling the number of wolves and their dispersion in the state. What more would an open-minded person want?

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    Unfortunately, this thread degraded from a respectful discussion on issues to emotional, ad hominum attacks. I sniff thread lockdown coming shortly . . .