Wolves on the Westside?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by scottr, Aug 19, 2012.

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    My wife and some friends saw one come up behind me up at Crystal Mtn.
    We went to their big new years party, and I brought my snow disc. Bout 11:30 or so, I hiked up I think it is called Chair 9 run till I ran out of breath, gave a 'hey watch my dumb drunk @ss!!!' and sled down the hill.
    When I got to the bottom they were all frantic.... You didnt hear us yelling at you?!?!?! A big black dog came out of the brush behind you and was creeping up on you!!!!
    They said it was way bigger than a pet or coyote. Didnt bug me, I just wanted another beer....

    The way I look at it, no wild animals pay attention to fences... They will run where ever their hearts desire or where the food is.
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    Jeezus, you're like my ex-wife, always quick to to tell me what or what not to do....:)
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    Lol OB I doubt I could teach you anything you don't already know :)
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    Hard to believe there are any wolves left with all the "Lethal Removals". How about some Lethal Removals of . . . . Naaaaa, better not.
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    Hey Salmo-
    I looked at the WDFW wolf management plan and I must say a 301 page document is part of the problem. These guys should be college professors so they can swap thesis papers to each other...a 10 page report would of sufficed. More waste of money by an organization that's un-accountable to the people they serve "Sportsmen and women".
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    My children have to go to school in a cage because of wolves. True story.
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    hahahhahah, you sure your children don't have to go to school in a cage because they are your children?
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    Nope! poor analogy...

    Should read: Sorta like finding a BULL TROUT in your favorite trout steram and then telling you that you will go to jail if you catch one.

    Like Mr Olmstead said earlier... these wolves found their way down out of BC. They were not "plants" so much as natives returning from a long exile.
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    A good lively hood for Alaska folks, good friend makes a decent living trapping the predators in the winter.Of course Alaska doesn't sheep farms or cattle farms like the lower 48, wolf meat tastes like veal
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    Damn you Derek Young for bringing the otters into this. I filed my federal claim for the four fish take from my line by those damn otters. I filed the state forms first. The Washington forms were so darn complicated that they kicked each of the two of them back for corrections. I had to hire a legal firm to make sense of it all. Idaho told me I was lucky that a moose did not kick my ass for fishing its stretch of the St. Joe and I should have been satisfied to feel the fish for a few seconds before the otter struck. Montana told me that my GPS coordinates were in Wyoming. Wyoming told me that Montana always says that to discourage the applicant from getting anywhere. I tossed up my hands and filed the federal forms for all four claims. Strangely, I have not heard from the feds at all. I have notices strange humming noises in both my cell and office phones and each of my internet capable devices have shown a recent tendency to lock up for no reason. I think the feds are out to get me like the otters. I like the otters more.
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    Bullshit! You have no idea what you're talking about. I've hunted elk and deer with compound bow, traditional bow, rifle and muzzleloader, and have never encountered anything easy about it all. And as a former SEAL team sniper, yes, I'm fully capable of hitting a target at 500 yards-and have, more than once-but you have no concept of terminal ballistics, and no idea of the dedication, work, determination and difficulty it takes to bring meat home. And as far as shooting up everything moving, I've fired exactly ONE shot at an elk in my years of hunting, and that one round dropped him in his tracks. Clearly, you've never gone elk hunting, never done any serious hunting of anything given your snotty, condescending first post. Better you stick to a subject you know something about.
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    I think your post is actually a bit nice than what I had planned to write - nicely done. This type of attitude is ignorant. As well, anyone who thinks that gear chuckers make fishing too easy is way off base as well. I don't recall seeing any flies tied by PNW Tribes in the various museums I have been - I think they used spears, nets and bait...and they have been here fishing a lot longer than anyone toting a fly rod.
  15. Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

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    Not so; they're billed through BLM where the permits are available. No question however, that grazing does damage the landscape, as I've seen it first-hand in Nevada and parts of the Sierra in CA. However, talking with ranchers in the Ennis Valley north of town, I learned that wolf predation usually takes place on land they own, not summer pastures. It figures, when Winter comes, all the hoofed animals are driven out of the high country to wintering grounds, and the wolves will follow. In Spring, when everyone needs food after a long difficult Winter, it's calving and lambing season, and those little babies are the most vulnerable. Sheep in particular are easy prey for coyotes and wolves. Coyotes are opportunists however; unlike wolves, they don't go into a sheep herd and kill dozens simply because they can!

    Wolves are magnificent creatures, and speak to me of something truly wild, but they also are expanding at an alarming rate throughout the West. They've also been known to interbreed with the eastern Coyote, which is larger than the varmints we have here. Two of them, two years ago, stalked and killed an 19-year old girl in Ontario, I think it was.
  16. Alex MacDonald Dr. of Doomology

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    Thanks, 5shot; It's the anti-hunting attitude that saddens me the most. These idiots have no concept of what our world's like, how much we care about the creatures we hunt, nor do they realize we have a duty to protect and nurture the habitat. Even more sadly, these insipid "hunting" shows only reinforce the "whoo-ha" attitude they believe we all share. I work my ass off to guide people away from all that: it's a moment for gratitude, maybe a prayer for the spirit of the creature who's life you just took, maybe even a tear or two before you begin the real work!

    Yep, the tribes used what I'd consider "gear". Gotta tell you that I don't like using gear simply because I don't like slimy stuff...Ewwwww!!:D and if it were so easy, then why'd we get skunked on Lake Wenatchee the other day, trolling for Sockeye? I think I've averaged one fish per day on the water; man-o-man, I do better than that at Rocky Ford!!!
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    Alex the guy is just an elitist asshat who has clearly advanced beyond us little peons in the world of fishing and hunting......must be nice to be a god in your own mind.
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    So true!! must be nice, to sit in your little float tube, being one with the mayfly hatch! I realize Jesus said "forgive them, for they know not what they do", but unfortunately, I'm not there yet! Must be time for an Irish coffee, yes??
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    Doesn't anybody talk fly fishing any more. After all this is a fly fishing site.
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    LOL OMJ half of your posts are to bitch about something.....take those out and you would not be at 17k+.....so no not "all" posts here are about fly fishing ;)