Wolves on the Westside?

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  1. Found out again. When you get as old as I am you got to have an outlet. This is my outlet. I live in a house full of females. The only males in my house are two fixed dogs and me. And dogs don't keep a conversation going very good.

    Beside If I still lived in your state of high taxes and having to pay through the nose to fish, I would probably take up golf as fishing costs to damn much there.

    And I have gone fishing twice since I last added a small burp about it.. Nobody wants to hear about an old man fishing in Montana anyway.
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  2. I don't really disagree with anything you say. My only beef with the "wolf alarmism" is the amount of bullshit being spewed on both sides of the issue, thus my attempts to over-exaggerate all my posts on the issue in what I'd hope would be obvious tongue-in-cheek humor. That whole "hide yo' children lock the doors" mentality is fundamental retardism at it's finest. Teach your kids to respect nature, respect our role in it, and be wary of our ability to annihilate it in its entirety. All the rest falls into place pretty easily after that. Will we encounter dangerous animals in nature? For sure. Should we quit fucking with stable environments and re-introducing species that have significant impacts? Probably. Yes, they were there first, but sticking a top-level predator back in an eco-system that's just starting to recover from the previous effects of human retardation is a recipe for disaster unless you micro-manage the species population and effects.
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  3. This is the biggest problem IMO - they weren't here, and haven't been here in almost a century, so telling people they shouldn't have moved out into the back country if they didn't want to be around wolves is pure horse shit. There are now wolves within 20 miles of Spokane, Chewelah, Colville and every little town in between. There is a huge pack around Blanchard, ID...which basically means there is one on Mt. Spokane. They are spreading like crazy, and where there are conflicts, I will guarantee you that the wolves will lose in the long run.

    To top it off, the WDFW is going to spend $2.4 MILLION doing impact studies, research and god knows what else over the next 6 years on the Wolf re-introduction. Sure glad that all our license and access fees are being used on this non-game species. I would guess that the majority of people who are for the introduction have paid very little into fund that is now responsible for managing them...hunters and fishermen on the other hand have had their contributions diverted away from the game that the $$$ is supposed to benefit.
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  4. Looks like the wedge pack is in trouble, better pull out that 301 page document called the wolf management plan to figure out what to do, have 10 meeting of the experts, 20 community forums before getting the federal sharpshooters in with the helicopters.

    I sense the troubles are just beginning for your state... I feel your pain WA elk hunters.
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  5. Wolves don't really scare or bother me that much, but these things terrify me! Especially the pink ones.
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  6. Anyone encounter a rattlesnake on the westside?
  7. 5shot,

    You write as though wolves have been deliberately re-introduced in WA, ". . . on the Wolf re-introduction . . ." and ". . . people who are for the introduction. . .", but as far as I know, wolves have simply migrated naturally into WA from Idaho and BC. WDFW anticipated this happening, and for once proactively developed a wolf management plan in advance to deal with the issue.

    If you can, would you please post the source for WDFW spending $2.4 MM on wolf studies over the next 6 years? Also, I'm doubtful about that money coming from license and access fees. The reason is because I've heard that the NON-GAME program at WDFW is the best and most reliablly funded at WDFW because the money comes from vehicle vanity license plates and is independent of hunting and fishing license fees. If that's changed I'd like to know the source of the information.

    I do agree with you that where there are wolf and human conflicts, the wolves will lose. That's pretty much spelled out in the management plan.

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  8. Then these should give you nightmares.


  9. LOL :D
    Flyborg I always enjoy your sense of humor in your contibutions to these wolf threads.
  10. Keep it up OMJ,I find your post entertaining
  11. I keep thinking that in my trips to Montana, I am missing the one local treasure I really must experience--OMJ.
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  12. Can't disagree with you either Flyborg; I'm sure there's plenty of alarmism floating about! Your statement about us screwing around with stable environments is absolutely right on!
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  13. First off you and all of the other NRA faithful who are upset by my post really should lighten up. Don't want ya'll to mistake my colored ass in the woods for a MF deer by mistake...ooops...:cool: I for one do not actually believe hunters are gunning for elk at 500yds...lmao...in reality 150 is testing your skills. Second I will break it down further since you fellas cannot think past your skulls. Bow hunting is much harder than hunting with a gun!! I am not against hunting at all. I am against idiots who would kill off wolves so they can have better luck at hunting.Now that the record is straight I will add some salt to this over the stove made popcorn (not microwaved) and enjoy the rest of the show.
  14. I once started a thread about a wolf my wife saw near a river, then it turned into a 7 page thread crap. Time to walk away from the internet and go fishing & hunting for a couple more years.
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  15. First, chipmunk, I don't belong to the NRA. Second, If I shot your "colored ass"-YOUR words, not mine, I'd not "mistake" you for a deer. third, 150 yards is nowhere near the limit of our skills, but we try to limit shots to kill as humanely and quickly as possible, forth, even if you don't believe we gun for ungulates at 500 yards, that's what you said; if you don't mean it, it would be best to keep your foot out of your mouth. Fifth, hunting with a compound bow permits unethical shots out to about 100 yards or so, much like a muzzleloader-clearly, you haven't ever hunted with one of those, either. I hunt with a traditional bow, not a compound, in addition to one of several rifles. Sixth, bowhunting isn't "any harder" with a bow than it is with a rifle, it's just a different set of skills-but of course you, with your vast hunting knowledge, you know that already!

    Last, there you sit, after first delivering an insult to all of us who hunt, and then continue that insult, expecting us to "lighten up" while you enjoy the results of your insult. You claim to not be against hunting, but you know all of us are the "NRA faithful", who just shoot anything that moves. Here's my thought, sport: stay out of the forest; there's dangerous things in there-bears, cougars, wolves, snakes, and us "neanderthal" hunters. The bears, cougars, wolves and us: we're the apex predators; to us, you're just a snack. Now go enjoy your "stove-made" popcorn.
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  16. On second thought, maybe this can be a "teachable moment" for Mr. Buchanan, so I'll take a shot at it:

    Dear Mr. Buchanan; you clearly have no factual knowledge of good hunters and hunting in general, so I challenge you to learn. I'm offering to take you with me on a scouting trip and a hunt, and will teach you about hunting, hunting ethics, and yes, why wolf introduction isn't a good idea. You'll need a good pair of boots, a blaze orange vest and hat, a day pack with water, snacks, a good knife, firestarting material, clothing to protect you from inclement weather, first aid, a compass and some toilet paper. A camera wouldn't hurt, either. Pre-season scouting doesn't require hunter orange, but going on a hunt in season will.

    We'll be on the top of Blewett pass, in an area near Table Mountain. I'll show you how to track and read sign, how to use your long-forgotten nose to scent things, and what it means to be a participant in the forest, not merely a tourist. You can pm me and I'll meet you on highway 97, at the top of the pass.

    So there you are. You can sit and mouth off about something you clearly have no knowledge of, or you can begin learning what real hunters actually do. It's your call: fish or cut bait.
  17. Can't say it any better than this.... from the Pres. of RMEF.

    “one of the worst wildlife management disasters since the destruction of bison herds in the 19th Century.”

    Allen said, “These animal rights groups seem to think that every individual wolf is worth filing another lawsuit to protect, but the decimation of local elk herds is unimportant. What is truly ironic is these folks claim protection of the Canadian gray wolf under the Endangered Species Act. However these wolves are not endangered. There are thousands of them throughout North America. The ESA is being manipulated far beyond its intended purpose.”
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  18. I'll take you up on your offer. Learning to hunt is one thing. Learning to hunt from a SEAL is pretty baddass. BTW thank you for your service. I mean that from the heart.
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  19. Finally a thread going to crap takes a positive turn? Let's keep it positive or keep it to ourselves. Alex, I might like to meet up too. Just cause you are a cool cat.

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