Wolves on the Westside?

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing Forum' started by scottr, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Well done Alex.
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  2. That's one hell of a fine offer, Nate. And kudos to my cyber friend, Alex. Well done.
  3. Damn Alex, can I come along too?
  4. [​IMG]

    Now look what you've done . . . !

  5. It'll be my pleasure to have you both along! Right now, I'm scouting around Table Mountain and Naneum Meadow on top of Blewett pass, and am beginning to see plenty of sign. However, today I saw some signs posted that lead me to think the particular road I'd use getting to a campsite may be closed on 15 October. However, we've got several more areas to check out. You guys pm me and we'll begin the process in a week or so.
  6. Of course, Big "D"! I have three seats in the rig, but since I'm 6-2, somebody needs to take the short one! Well give it to Ed; he's tiny:D
  7. That's cold man.
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  8. Dang.... this thread is interesting. I also think we need a 500 yard shoot off.
  9. The wolf came in, I got my cards, we sat down for a game.
    I cut my deck to the queen of spades, but the cards were all the same.
    Don't murder me, I beg of you, don't murder me. Please, don't murder me.
  10. Cool, Alex used the SEAL card and it worked.
  11. One of the first packs in the state is the one in the Methow. After several years, the pack is huge and increasingly dangerous. They pretty much stay in the hills in the summer, but come fall, they decend into the valley. They have stalked fishermen and the reports of attacks and maulings probably have been hushed by the local tourism boards as no one has heard them. But they are dangeous! I wouldn't even think about sleeping in a tent these days! There have been reports of huge packs even stallking rafts & pontoons and pouncing on them as they landed or floated under a high bank! I've been packing a big piece during the last few steelhead seasons and now, we always fish in a group so someone can stand guard. The rumor is that this fall, it will be really bad as the pack has grown and gotten increasinly bold and deadly. I don't think there have been any reports of wolf packs on the Klickitat or even Grande Ronde so fishing there might be the wisest option this fall. I mean, I love steelheading as much as anyone, but that huge, dangerous man-eating Methow pack is outta control and not worth the risk any more!

    Plus, although he didn't say it so as not to cause mass panic but those pics Flyborg posted are from the Methow. Those unicorns are collaborating with the wolves. The wolves will surround you and then the unicorns will move in and you'll soon be begging the wolves to just finish you off quickly! Yep, you probably should just head to the Klickitat this year. Did I mention the cougar Mumbles and I saw on the opposite bank last fall in Twisp broad daylight?! Seriously, right Ed? It's just too damn dangerous anymore..does anyone have a Wii steelheading or trout fishing game, LOL?
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  12. Dont bring me into this, I'm shaking as I type. I did not brave the tent my last time out there. I slept in the rig. I'm sure that my rig was being circled pretty heavily while I "slept", but I tell you I did not get much sleep at all. I don't need to drive that far to have disturbed sleep like that. Unsure that I'll make that trip ever again.
  13. Have you seen this or read this or heard this from some one reliable. I say this because the info I got from a friend who is a Wildlife Biologist the lives in the Methow says the two killed from this pack by a local idiot all but decimated the pack down to one adult and a couple of sub adults. Also, one of the females form this pack was reported now at the Teanaway.

    Just trying to make some sense from conflicting testimonies.
  14. Freestone is someone reliable. Never question anything you read on the internet.
  15. Reread her post with your hyperbole hat on..... I fear that there may be a tongue-in-cheek ulterior motive in her well-crafted contribution.

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  16. Again... there's this word... its call sarcasm. Have you guys heard of it?

    Well played Freestone. Well played.
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  17. so true, Ms Freestone's definitely tongue-in-cheek here!
  18. Mr. Wolf, may I introduce you to Mr. Sig and Mr. Sauer?
  19. I usually have Mr. Smith and his companion, Mr. Wesson, along for the ride.
  20. I plan on outrunning the wolves right after I trip my fishing partner.
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